Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Report

We really enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday this year. It allowed us to go down and reconnect with some family that we haven't seen in about 4 years, which was wonderful. Wednesday night we headed down to Kelley's Mom's house in SC, then Thursday headed out to Aunt Kathy's little house for the big turkey feast. It was so great to see everyone again.  Kelley has two aunts and 3 cousins that live next door to each other there. But next door is so far away you have to take a horse or drive to get there. Really out in the country, which is really cool. We used to get down there pretty often when we lived in Greenville but haven't really seen this side of the family since before we moved to Raleigh in 2010. So that made it extra great.

Friday was Kelley's mom's birthday, so we made one historic cake, plus some other stuff that makes up Monday's post.   Then Saturday we headed up to Greenville to get one night in with my folks, and headed home on Sunday, stopping at the Maness thanksgiving in Asheboro for one final turkey day family celebration.

Bigun started with a dinner plate that small

especially compared to Daddy's

then ended up with this HUGE piece of cake

Hanging with my sweets

There's a goat in the background there

She's too adorable! My little city girl enjoyed getting out to the country

They had peakcocks in addition to the goats and dogs

Did I mention the epic cake? Evil Genius designed it. She wanted 7 layers but I could only make 4

Neena loved it

Sunday was a beautiful day to be back in central NC

The Maness clan that was able to make it. Kelley's dad is the youngest of 8 kids, so it's usually a huge group!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh fun! Sounds like a great weekend away! That cake is awesome! And clearly Bigun has her priorities in line with the smallish plate of food and the BIG piece of cake. ;)

I had a Thanksgiving dinner in Paris with someone I met while I was traveling so I got some turkey, but we did not have mashed potatoes so I have been craving them big time!