Monday, December 9, 2013

Cowboy Up!

The next day, after Thanksgiving was over we went back to Saluda for some horseback riding. It was Bigun's idea, and it turned out to be awesome. She went nuts over it, and is now a "horse girl" - there may be boots in her future (and mine).

This is as close as Evil Genius came to riding

Bigun hopped right up!

Before long after we got there, Bigun was up in the saddle. She was a natural! Aunt Joan taught her how to instruct the horse and she was turning around barrels in the pen before you knew what was happening.

Before long, I ended up on one too. Sure, I was just walking around on a kids saddle, so Kaileigh was making fun of me. Eventually I did end up on a growd-up saddle.  And eventually we ended up out of the pen and riding on a trail through some of their property.

I'm a cowboy now!

EG and Aunt Joan about to hit the trail

Here we go!

We ended up back at Leigh's house to hang with the calfs for a bit. Horses take a lot of care, and it was great to see their barn and all of the equipment it takes to maintain all of that.

EG actually wanted to get her car seat to ride in the back of the truck. City folk, I swear.

She will strike a pose but wouldn't get up long enough to pose for a picture.

She did get down to pet a calf!

The coolest part about spending time with family like that is getting into their wheelhouse. I thoroughly enjoy being on the back of a horse. But I'm not going to chase down riding farms here in Raleigh. The coolest part about the whole thing is getting to spend time with someone that you love doing something that they love. Spending time in someone else's comfort zone is good for you too. If anyone else wanted to go run with me it would be the same thing. You might not run, but if you run with me you're coming into my wheelhouse. It's comfortable. The best part about getting to hang out with these members of my family was being in their comfort zone.

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