Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paradigm Day 9

Tuesday Dec 10 2013
MMNW: 176 lbs, 19.3% bodyfat
AM Workout:
Breakfast: Smoothie - banana, apple, spinach, frozen (strawberries, peaches), water
AM Snack: Nature Valley oats n dark chocolate bars
Lunch: leftover Oh She Glows vegan chili, chobani greek yogurt
PM Snack: banana, 2 clementines
Dinner: Moe's veggie bowl
PM Workout: core strength, long extended workout of ashtanga yoga primary series

aaaaand now the stress comes back. We had this house in SC - the first house we ever bought back in 2002  and now our last investment property - under contract to sell, supposed to close by the first of the year. Last night they backed out because the inspection showed an active termite infestation and structural damage under the house. So not only did we expect to relieve several hundred $$ a month from our budget, receive a cash windfall,  and finally be done with real estate investing; now we have to figure out how to pay for even more repairs and wait on another buyer to show up. So today's diet is brought to you by stress eating.

The kids were out and about with Kelley's dad today and we ended up meeting up and swapping the little misbehaver's over dinner. The only non-paradigm  stuff in my bowl was the rice and cheese. I hope it will not come back to bite me.

We stayed out long enough for me to miss the swim practice, so I threw in a dvd of Ashtanga Yoga primary series and went through as far as I could. I've really been wanting to pick up the next set of moves in primary series, and as stressful as today was, I seriously needed the release. It was wonderful.

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