Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pradigm Day 5

Friday Dec 6 2013
MMNW: 176.4 lbs, 18.5% bodyfat
Preworkout: 1 banana, 3 dates
AM workout: strenth/core work
Breakfast: smoothie - banana, apple, pineapple, frozen (blueberries cantaloupe peaches, strawberries)
AM snack: Nature Valley oats & dark chocolate bars
Lunch: 3 clementines, some animal crackers, and a sandwich from a local deli - eggplant, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and 9 grain bread
Dinner: veggie burrito - enormous
PM Workout: walking around Pullen Park
Snack: nothing

The only times I've seen 18% body fat in the last 20 years has been right at the end of a build phase in ironman trianing.  So, loving that. This morning I was too hungry to wait for lunch so I snacked on some bars that I keep in my desk at work. First processed food I've had all week.  I don't miss it, but really didn't have anything else to snack on.

For lunch and dinner I ended up in restaurants. Forgot to bring anything into the office and didn't have time to go home for a salad. I had gotten this vegetarian sandwich from that deli before, but this time the eggplant was sliced too thin and felt loaded with oils. Of course the mozz was not vegan, the fried eggplant and bread are not Paradigm. Everything else was good.  Friday nights we always eat out, Kelley won't cook on principle and I'm ok with it. We had a holiday festival to take the kids too, so we used a groupon for a local healthy burrito place with a nice vegan menu. I think the tortilla and some rice in there are the only parts of that meal that aren't Paradigm. and that ain't bad.

I haven't been having any cravings or really wanting to take in anything specific.  well, the kids made some peanut butter cookies yesterday that smelled great. But no cravings for cheeseburgers or anything. I eat tons of delicious food, stay full all, or at least most, of the time, and feel better than ever. Taking in that sandwich today made me realize why I kept falling asleep at work around 3 pm. Here I thought the job was just boring (boring is good in my industry). My only real concern is based in variety. Going into next week, how are we going to come up with new or creative dinner ideas?  One week and we're already out of recipes. I made the same salad 3 days for lunch, what happens when I want more variety?

I'm incredibly excited about being down 9 lbs after only 5 days, and being in 18% body fat. Weight loss and fat loss is actually a side effect of the Paradigm Diet, not the intent. The intent of the program is to get the body to perform at it's peak, to have harder workouts and recover from them more quickly. To fight off injury and disease. So far I'd say it's pretty incredible.

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