Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thawing the Frosty Toes 5k

The Moyock Women's club out on coastal North Carolina puts on a 5k every year that is organized by Kelley's college roommate. We're still good friends and love getting together with them. The first time they ran the event it was held in February, very cold and rained the entire time. I ended up finishing in 3rd place overall that year, and it was the roommate's first 5k.

For 2018 they moved it back to March, which should have warmed up some. Spoiler alert: it didn't. 31* at the start and windy. And by windy I mean 51 mph gusts, it was crazy! But this time we also talked the kids into running, so it was their first 5k ever. So proud of my family!

The family before the start
There were only 52 people running this race. I did not start at the front, but within the first 30 seconds the crowd settled in and the order was set. There was a high school kid who jumped into the lead, then a couple of 11 year olds (inc Amy's kid Jake, who I think has a crush on my Evil Genius), then me. Eventually I got passed by a 34 year old guy, but Jake couldn't keep up with me. The first time I looked down at the Garmin my pace was 6:18, and that sounded insane. Had to slow it down by the first turn.

I finished the first mile in 7:18, and honestly I never expected to see a 7:xx mile again. At this weight, and this age, I'm not getting faster anymore. I haven't even knocked out any 8:00 miles in training this year. So that was quite a surprise.

At the halfway point there was a water station setup, I got a cup and headed back. It felt like the wind was in my face the entire time, but the wind was significantly worse on the way back. Maybe that contributed to my 7:18 first mile?

The second mile took 7:58, and again I was quite shocked. I actually told Jake to get in my draft when the winds picked up, but he still couldn't hang. The course ended up only registering 2.8 miles on my garmin, and I finished in 22:47 - good enough for 4th place overall and winning my 40-49 age group. I got beaten by a 19 yr old, the 34 yr old took 2nd, and the original 11 year old beat me by 5 seconds (I let the kid have it). Jake finished 5th in 23:16

Ella ended up in 24th place overall, finished in 41:18 good enough for 3rd in her age group.

Snowman running in with Ella finishing

Hanging with Jake after the finish line

Kelley ended up hanging with Lena the entire time. Lena ended up taking it in the photo finish, getting 32nd place overall in 44:52, and Kelley got 33rd place in 44:53. They had a blast!

Finish strong!
Everybody was happy to be done and had a great time at the race. Turns out they only gave out awards to the age group and overall winners, so I got a cup for winning my age group.

with my age group award!

Once again this was a fun race and a great time hanging with friends. I'm quite pleased with my performance and the way my family raced. We had a blast hanging out with Amy and her family too. Her husband Neal even went out to dinner with me and Kelley to an all-you-can-eat sushi & hibachi place! That may have been Kelley's favorite part of the weekend.

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