Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The clean story of a mud run

Kids in the garden make a beautiful thing. They actually eat peas!

Mothers day weekend had a fantastic trip back to SC to visit the family. Lots of good pictures, and a race in Georgia. We were working a lot of overtime in the first quarter this year, so I got a day off in May to make up for it. Took the opportunity to head down to SC for the long mother's day weekend.

Friday we all enjoyed a nice day around Greenville. I got to visit with my old friend Matt, took the bike out and climbed Paris Mountain, and took Kelley out for some BBQ at lunch. The amazing thing was the climb on Paris. I absolutely nailed it! I don't know if it was having less weight or just being stronger (or both), but I felt like a billy goat climbing up that mountain. It was really cool.

Saturday we had the Muck Run in Georgia. This was quite an interesting ordeal. It was on some farm in the middle of nowhere called Homer. It was off of the interstate about an hour and a half from Greenville, and then about a mile down a 1 lane dirt road to some random farm that had a makeshift start line.

This place was nuts. There was a dj, lots and lots of rednecks, people in costume, it was a small crowd but a fun one. The race went off in two waves, so we got in the first one in the hopes that the course would stay dry. Well, it was. After a shotgun start we took off running through a path mowed into a horse field, then ran down the dirt road some.

The obstacles were not that difficult. Belly crawling on the grass, run through some balloons hanging from the trees, it was more like a trail run with a few creek crossings. There was a single mud pit that got kind of deep, but not over my waist. The hardest thing was a creek walk; about a quarter mile in knee deep water. When we got out the shoes were full of creek sand, and they were quite heavy. made the last half mile to the finish pretty uncomfortable. And check out this finish line:

The slip n slide was pretty fun, even if it was just 2 guys hosing down some black plastic. Here wa are after the race is over:

Lots of fun all the way around.

Saturday night, we had a lot of family over for dinner. It was Morgan's birthday last week, my dad's birthday next week, and a mothers day thing with my mom and both grandmothers. Crazy times, I know. I ate myself stupid and fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday morning the kids wanted to get in the pool. Crazy people, I know. It was hot in the sun but it's still early may and that water was cold. I wanted no part of it. The kids on the other hand.....

The kids and I made Kelley french toast and gave her lots of presents sunday morning for Mothers day, including a color Nook. She loves it. I may be the best husband ever. Eventually we all made our way back to Raleigh. It was quite a fantastic trip overall.

Then Bigun got a race medal for finishing the Marathon Maniacs club at her school! We are very proud.

This week is bringing a full week of solid training. Nice running, plenty of time on the bike. couple of swims. Next weekend is a small local 5k that I'm looking forward to. Kelley is going to run it too, it should be a great time!


Jess said...

That's the cleanest I've ever seen two people after a mud run, but it sounds like a fun times!

Georgia Snail said...

mud run...yeah, I've got nothing.

GL at the 5k this weekend, I was to see a blazin' fast time bro!

Amy W said...

I am running a local 5k next weekend too...the 12 Oaks 5K.

RockStarTri said...

The Mrs. wore a I <3 NY shirt to a mud run? Show some respect!

it's all about pace said...

sounds like a nice w/e... nothing quite like SC BBQ...

healthy ashley said...

I love this weekend recap :) Your enthusiasm about your ride and claiming the hill got me excited for my ride today!