Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Race Pics

We made it back to Greenville about midnight last night. The kids were pretty good on the ride, but they didn't fall asleep until about 11 pm. Overall it was a great trip to Raleigh. 4 nights is a long time to keep the girls out of their normal routine. I was suprised how easy it was to work there. Kelley's dad and I have always gotten along really well, and it was nice sharing an office with someone else for a change. He's worked for himself from home for 20 years now, so I just slid right into his office.

This pollen is still screwing with me. Today my head feels as stable as a bowling ball on a golf tee. My sinuses are so stuffed up my teeth actually hurt. massive headache, I'm going to see if I can get into the chiropractor tomorrow. I wanted to get an adjustment after the race anyway, but this head thing is incredibly motivating. or demotivating depending on how you look at it.

Ok, on to the race pics. These are from the Triangle Orthopaedic Association Sprint Triathlon in Raleigh NC this past sunday, April 19th. I might go back and put some of these into my Race Report for posterity's sake.

I got a smiley face put on the other calf as a nod and a wink to Steve Stenzel, who does that for every race. Body marking done, I was bib #123, which I found motivating. Kelley thought it was very strange that I was running as a 34 year old, when I won't turn 34 until July.

Getting the TA setup before start. I always love talking with other racers. It can be tough to find other local people that are as crazy as we are, but they always seem to show up for the race. There was over 200 people running this one.

Kelley kept taking pictures of this guy. Any idea why?

Hanging out before the race. I did take Wes's advice and get into the water long enough to get acclimated and get used to the wetsuit before the race started. Plus I look damn sexy in a wetsuit.

Getting ready to start. Before the race I was hanging out some with the guy standing in front of me. Kelley thinks his ass is perfectly shaped. That's really why she took this picture.

We started from the dock, stepping onto the mat and diving in.

Yep, that's me diving in. this is such a cool shot.

Why so many pics of me in the water? I guess I was pleased with my swim.

I totally chicked that other guy right at the end of the swim. If that wasn't bad enough, as soon as we got out of the water, I was incredibly disoriented and slammed into him.

Coming out of the water, you can see a third green cap right on my feet.

Here I have no idea where I am, what I'm doing, where I'm trying to go and all I want to do is puke. I stumbled into the crowd, they pushed me back onto the mat and it's off to T1.

Finally able to stand up sucessfully again 6 minutes later, we're off on the bike. I love how I look in this picture, but I wish my helmet was on straight. My legs came out really muscular, and the other 2 guys look like they are fumbling around. Really, we are all stumbling like drunk monkeys. I just appear less drunk, I think.

Here I'm coming back in after the 10.5 mile bike route. Hungry but more stable. I drank a whole bottle of Heed on the bike to try and get some calories back in me once I didn't want to puke anymore. Then, after chugging that much Heed while trying to peddle faster, I wanted to puke.

In T2 for only a couple of minutes. I'm trying to catch my breath, change shoes, get ready for the run. Again, the sideways helmet is cool. You watch, in a few months rappers are going to be showing up in nightclubs with bike helmets on sideways like that. It's becoming the "green" thing to do.

Here's "that guy" again. WTH? Why so many pictures of him? Just because my wife thinks I'm gay, she had to take tons of pics of all the shirtless athletes. I think I should be concerned about this. Yet somehow, I just can't be.

In the finish chute, tons of cheering spectators, and my second tri is in the books. It's a pretty good finish line pic, at least I'm not trying to stop my Garmin like most finish line pics. I went with the "both arms in triumphant achievement" pose.

Now that's a happy nerd after the race. It was a great morning, I really gave everything I had. It feels good to know that you did your best at anything, but this face really shows the kind of satisfaction you can only get from personal achievement. I am very pleased with my performance and my preparation, and I can't wait for the next race.

My next race is a mud run with military obstacles here in Greenville May 3rd. I'm dropping the half marathon next weekend for entry fee purposes. Plus a weekend in the garden is long overdue.


Wes said...

Plus I look damn sexy in a wetsuit.Evidently, the other guy looks better without one :-)

Those are great pics. Having an outside swim this time of year is brave! I got to hand that one too you!

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

*Stumbling drunk monkeys.*


Great race and report!

nwgdc said...

"Here I have no idea where I am, what I'm doing, where I'm trying to go and all I want to do is puke. I stumbled into the crowd, they pushed me back onto the mat and it's off to T1."

Absolutely hilarious! I love the pictures.

Great work on the swim...and next time, have a dude take the pictures. I'm much rather see some random tri-girls!

tfh said...

Nice photos! And good for Kelley for helping make this blog more female-friendly. Not that we're not drooling over the photos of you, too. But who can resist a guy with a bubble butt?

Anyway, I'm off to unearth my bike helmet so I can wear it sideways. Trendsetters unite!

carrie said...

Great job! Your race report actually made that sound like fun...well minus the puking part.

Jes said...

Congrats!!! I've always wanted to do a tri, and I know this sounds totally ridiculous, but one of my main fears is the fact that I just don't get the transition areas.

Tell Kelley I said thanks for the pics! She's right - that is one nice ass! I'm gonna start hanging out at more triathlons! I never knew the scenery was so good!!! :-)

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Super crazy busy as of late, but wanted to say Congrats! You look good and happy. That makes me smile on the inside and out.

Mike G said...

Yeah enjoying the event is half the battle. Congrats on banging out your second traithlon!

Oh btw I can't handle the Heed in large quantities either, makes me puke. Sometimes just straight water is plenty good enough.

Marcy said...

CONGRATS my man! Fantastic job ;D ;D

I am sooo LMAO at your wife! She's MY KINDA WOMAN!! Whoooo Hoooo love me some candy pics HAHA!

teacherwoman said...

Nice! love all the pics!

Havs said...

Nice race day pics man! Looks like a dam fun race! Got to love it, multi sport time of the year here again!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey Cletus, did your wife make out with that shirtless guy yet?

Plus what's the deal with all these skirts commenting at your site about that guy's @$$? They treat us men like we're nothing but desirable hunks of MEAT and I resent it because why don't they come to MY blog and do that?

Geez! Women!

Seriously, though, those are some great pix and you get real props for bulling your way through such a tough event, brother!

Lily on the Road said...


i LOVED this report, LOL..Kelley can take all of the pictures from now on, good job Kelley!!

Truly, the shot of you diving in off the dock is AWESOME!

B. Kramer said...

I look like a stumbling drunk monkey without having swam, well, however far it is you swam beforehand.

You look less drunk, but you look more like a man-child just learning to ride a bike. The only thing missing is training wheels.


Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

wow!! Congrats! Thanks for the report, so fun to read!

C said...

Excellent photos! Your wife and I have very similar minds. We should be friends. :)

And I don't disagree with any of what you wrote on my blog. I just don't like people enough to wanna be that close to them. ;)

joyRuN said...

Congratulations & EXCELLENT race report!

Ignore what the dudes are saying - keep Kelley taking those lovely pics, please. Tell her she did a wonderful wonderful job capturing the day.

Unknown said...

I think your wife is an excellent race photographer:) And yes, that dude does appear to have a perfectly shaped ass. Congratulations on your awesome tri!! That shot of you diving in the water is especially excellent. I totally know what that drunk monkey feeling is, I get it after long runs (usually because I rehydrate with mimosas or margaritas).

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Too funny that your wife took all those pics of that guy, and that pic of you diving into the water is awesome! Congrats again on the race, I may just have to try one now!

Jess said...

Great job on the race! Congrats!!

healthy ashley said...

This is the best post! Kelley got some great photos. I love all the photos of other competitors :) She was just checking on the competition for you!