Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Eights

I got tagged by Amanda, a cool chick down in Charleston. Amanda and her husband ran the half marathon at Myrtle Beach when Kelley ran the full. And my brother Michael lives in Charleston too, and Mike and I are always hanging out. Sometime when I'm tripping to chucktown, I really want to meet up for a run with Amanda and her husband. So here's my Crazy 8's.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  1. My garden being fully planted
  2. Abandoning said garden and moving back to North Carolina
  3. Finally selling my mountain house - that has to happen before I will qualify for a mortgage to move back to North Carolina
  4. Getting my lawnmower back from the repair shop
  5. Saturday (always) - but this saturday is the mud run, and Michael is coming back to Greenville to run it with us
  6. My first bike race May 7th
  7. My first olympic distance triathlon June 6th
  8. My first marathon June 13th

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Work - writing code
  2. Work - fixed web site permissions for a hosting client
  3. Ate 6 healthy meals
  4. Gave the girls a bath
  5. Read bedtime stories
  6. I don't do 8 different things in one day. very boring, I know. But I did not have to leave the house all day.

8 Things I Wish I Could/Want To Do:

  1. This should be the same thing as the 8 things I'm looking forward to
  2. Grow corn. Every year I try and the stalks get 4 ft tall and die. maybe I'll have better luck this year.
  3. Run a 4 hour marathon
  4. Run a 20 minute 5k
  5. Win a bike race
  6. Ironman
  7. Raise trees. This sounds funny, but I would love to set up a raised bed with hundreds of Red Japanese Maple seedlings, grow them for a year and sell them online. Rotate the crops so I've got a constant supply of 2 ft jap maples to sell. Japanese maples are my all time favorite tree.
  8. Build a wooden boat. This has been a fantasy since I started woodworking back in college. A kit, a cedar lapstrake canoe, a one man sailboat, it doesn't matter. I build it, and it floats. That's cool.

8 Shows I watch:

  1. Days of Our Lives
  2. All My Children
  3. Grey's Anatomy
  4. My Name is Earl
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. Private Practice
  7. The Biggest Liar
  8. Chuck

8 People I want to know more about: Tag, you're it

  1. Crazy 8's has been around the blogosphere, so it's tough to tag anybody
  2. Glaven could crazy 8's about the 8 types of his perverted fetishes
  3. Wow, I really think everyone else has already done it. Glaven is really a loser for not getting tagged!
  4. If you haven't done it yet, get yo crazy 8's on and give me credit for tagging you.

All is well on the homefront. I've got some speedwork on tap for tonight, and a bike ride coming soon. Happy Tuesday!


Melanie said...

good luck with selling the house!

Carly said...

I loved your list. LMAO at the Soap Operas.....sorry my hubby loves YnR and I tease him too.

Good luck with getting rid of the mountain house.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, here's eight more things Carolina Cletus can hope for:

1. Being able to count to eight without having to use his fingers
2. Finally getting health insurance that'll pay for surgical removal of that vestigial tail on his @$$
3. Growing a p*nis, since, based on his fav TV shows, all's he gotz is a vagina
4. Moving to a state where I'll no longer be able to call him Carolina Cletus
5. Shootin' him a Rev-in-noor who's a-tryin' to smash up his moonshine still
6. Growing a testicle
7. Growing a second testicle
8. Getting ME to do a Crazy 8s post because toyBuNz already tagged me and I STILL haven't done one so what chance do you have of making me do one!1! Hahahahahaha!1!

Actually, I may have to resort to one to make it thru this stupid blogathon I committed myself to completing! Man, what was I doing when I committed to that? Drinking form your moonshine still?

Missy said...

BAAAAhahahahah, Glaven is a freak! You know he's gonna do it. He's got to fill his blogathon air time. Hey, and don't knock moonshine! Have you ever tried it big Glav?

Ironman...you can totally do it. Give it a little more time, get through more of the firsts you have outlined and you'll be there.

Marcy said...

OMFG CJ you do Days?!? HAHAHAA I have no idea why . . .but I would have NEVER expected it from you (I know the whole dealy with your wifey thinking your gay and all but Days, really>?!)

Nick said...

Soaps??? dude ...

tfh said...

I didn't realize your olympic distance tri and marathon are so close together. Cool!

Your garden looks like it'll accomodate a small boat, if you start building...

joyRuN said...

Hmmm... a man who admits to watching soaps. If you didn't rock a 5-hour gardening session THEN a 13.5mi on the mill...

I finally have my very own red japanese maple right in the front of our house! I hope I don't end up killing the damn thing.

Amanda said...

We definitely need to meet up the next time you are down in Charleston! Corn was one thing we did not plant this year. I figure it's super cheap from the farmers market, and takes up lots of room to grow, so I decided not to mess with it. I am a newbie to the gardening world though, still have lots to learn!

Wes said...

based on your TV viewing, I'd say we've lost you :-)

P.O.M. said...

ha. I must be the biggest loser evah because I haven't done it. Might have to now...

healthy ashley said...

All of your things are fantastic! I should copy some of your goals!