Sunday, April 5, 2020

Social Distancing

We're all handling this pandemic pretty well. The girls are getting a break from school just like they used to get with a track out. I can easily work from home, and my grad school has always been online so absolutely nothing has changed for me. Stay home! Practice social distancing!

This is not a problem for us. We can't even get the kids to socialize with us in person. What is hard for us is not going shopping regularly; the grocery store shelves are empty, I can't just go to Lowe's for supplies, that's all crazy.

I will share a couple of pictures from before the pandemic took over.

I'm standing on top of a quad bunk bed setup that I built. I was taller than the power line into the house!

Got a night out at the coast with the family

It was a really fun trip

I had a sunset picture featured on the local news!

proper social distancing

Lena had her teeth pulled

then got braces!

They both have braces right there!

Got everybody hanging out on the porch

then Lena got blue hair!? what is that?

I had a gray beard

And then there was none. I never realized how much I touch my face. This was instant regret, I started growing it back 3 days later

Ella's smile

Now with less metal! Her braces are off!
 So Lena got her braces put on, then went with blue hair, then Ella got her braces off. Crazy! I've been doing a ton of woodworking. And we're starting to landscape the front yard. I want to get the hardscape in before it gets too hot, we've already had a few 90* days and I am not mentally prepared for another super hot summer.

Stay safe out there. There's a lot of scary stuff with the coronavirus right now. Controlling the spread is the key. How long do you think it will last? The hardest part for me is not being able to plan or travel. Here's an idea. I finish grad school on Oct 4, and there is a marathon in Kona, HI on Nov 7. Since the airline industry is in the toilet right now flights are actually affordable - around $400 compared to the $1400 flights that I usually find. I think a week in Hawaii and a marathon is a fantastic way to celebrate finishing the MBA than with a week in paradise. Does this seem rational at all?