Friday, May 20, 2016

Quite the Mothers Day

I don't know why they would schedule an open water swim race on Mothers day, but they did it last year too. The race organizers are all parents, there's only 3 open water races in the series, how about don't put the first one on Mothers day.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for an open water swim race. The Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge is a fun race with a 1.2 mile or 2.4 mile (2 laps) options for this year. I'm taking the short distances for the rest of the year, so I signed up for the one lapper. Given the fact that I've only made it to TWO swim practices all year long, this became the right choice come race day. Air temps were in the mid 60's, water temp was officially 71*, but it felt like 65* easily. Quite fun.

Some of the RAM team swimmers competing
I felt great when the starting gun went off so I took off way too fast. It's a triangle course so there are 2 right hand turns then the finish. Seemed like the first side of the triangle went by pretty quick. On the back end of the triangle, it seemed like there was some kind of wind, or something pushing me to the outside. Usually between the two turn buoys goes by pretty quickly but this time it seemed to take forever. I think I turned the triangle course into more of an ice cream cone shape. But eventually I did start heading back to the finish.

Once the finish came in sight I had a nice sprint kick to the line. Get out of the water, run across the timing mat, finishing in 39:15 for a 1:51 per hundred yards pace. That's good enough for 7/22 in my age group and 99/363 overall. I'm really pleased with it, a nice pace and top third placement. But with any luck this will be a before picture. With some actual swimming practice over the summer, hopefully the other two races will be faster than this one.

Beautiful day at the lake

Hanging with some RAM teammates.
After the race I had to book it back home. I still actually made it to church on time! There was a big tenor part in the choir anthem that day, and we had an incredibly sweet Mothers day tribute song where the children's choir sang with the adult choir. It turned out great, and I know someone got a video but I can't find it. And of course my children did not want to participate.

After church I came home and finally got to have some mothers day fun with Kelley and the kids. For about 20 minutes. We had a 1 pm brunch reservation at the NC State golf course clubhouse with Kelley's dad and his wife's family. These brunch buffets are always fun, loaded with good food. I didn't want to make a complete ass of myself, but when I go to a buffet after a swim race that's kind of a challenge. I stopped myself at 4 plates.

Ella loves that hat

Lots of family fun

Even got my mother in law into a shot
Finally by 4 pm we made it home and I was able to crash for a pretty good nap. Of course, while I was asleep inside, this was happening outside

this is absurd
So overall, this was a pretty crazy mother's day. Just as a sunday, that's a lot going on. When you lump in a greeting card holiday with it, then wow.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice work on the race, especially since you aren't in pique swimming condition! I am impressed that you got to church on time, too. Well done! Perfect timing to go to a buffet for lunch, though.

Your girls are hilarious. You are really going to have your hands full with EG, though. ;)