Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bathroom Disaster part 2

I realize nobody reading my triathlon and family blog will really care about progress on the bathroom remodel, so feel free to skip this one.

This thing took forever. It started with a rotten floor and turned into a complete remodel. The plaster came down, drywall went up, they screwed up a wall placement and we ended up moving the toilet.

With a title like Bathroom Disaster it's a safe bet that I've been trail running again, but no. This, instead:

Drywall is up!

That wall looks a bit close to the toilet drain, huh? NOT COOL

Moved the toilet and hit a joist

So much tile in my living room

SO MUCH tile in my living room


Wall and toilet are moved

Shower liner goes in - 500 lbs of concrete on there

And finally the first set of floor tiles goes down!

And eventually some wall tiles go up!

toilet is going behind the shower now

You can guess where it goes from there. More tile, then fixtures, then decorating. This has gone on long enough. One more post to get to the finished product!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Remodels always seem to be so much work than you think they will be! It will be so great to have this project wrapped up!!

LOFX said...

I'm interested! This is actually what my new blog is mostly about. -TinCanTreader aka LoveOfFunction

Abby said...

I love HGTV and watching all that homes stuff so I actually like seeing all this.