Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy January!

I've been seeing memes that January was the longest year since 2017, but I really enjoyed myself last month.

Swim: 10,400 yards, 4 swims
Bike: 28.5 miles, 2 rides
Run: 75.7 miles, 9 runs
Strength: 1 time
Yoga: 4 times

I'll take it! Marathon training is going pretty good. I did have to cut one long run a couple of miles short thanks to some chafing and I lost a whole week to a work trip up to Dayton Ohio. Obviously I wish I had been able to do more, but I still am glad my body (and all this arthritis) let me get that much work done. My weight was still above 210 the entire month. I drank a LOT of beer in Ohio, so it actually felt good to dry out for a bit in the last half of the month.

I'm actually registered for 4 races now! It's good to have goals again. Went ahead and registered for the Trap Pond 50k in Delaware and the Estes Park marathon in Colorado, my goal races for the year. Kelley also signed up the entire family for the Frosty Toes 5k in Moyock NC. The last time we went out there I took 3rd place overall in this race, this year it will be the first time the kids are running a 5k with us, so that should be fun. Also got talked into a couple of swim races! Tom and I are going back to Charleston for the 5 mile Lowcountry Splash, and then I'm heading with KC back to Chattanooga so I can kayak for her in the Swim the Suck 10 mile race in the Tennessee River. So much fun!

Also at home, I've about wrapped up this kitchen remodel. Mostly it was just molding and these cabinets in January, but these finishing details turned out nice.   Here's all the photos

Ready to turn this lumber & plywood into some cabinets

getting there

Cabinets are just plywood with some face frames

face frames make all the difference

Also added a built in desk!

I got to visit with Lisa while in Ohio, she's an old friend from college

Lisa with her husband Matt

I got to see the Ohio state capital building too!

Running in January in NC - shorts & no sleeves? yes thank you

I got some concrete poured for this patio

Ran past the chainsaw art tree in Umstead

Got a haircut

This is some white oak for my next boat

Doesn't look like much now, but if I can clean it up it will make some nice boat frames

Crown molding is up and everything is painted

Crown molding is really hard

and I suck at it.
So I guess at the end of February I'll post the final pictures of the kitchen remodel. It's turning out really nice, but I still have a couple of drawers to build. With any luck, I'll also have some weight loss to report, and plenty of miles run on these same routes, and maybe some boat frames cut out. Cheers!