Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hilly Turkey Trot

This past Saturday was the Apex Turkey Trot 5k, and our friend Gina asked me to run with their oldest daughter.Now really, would you trust a guy with that mustache with your daughter? No.

Ready to run!

Don't trust that guy

We all got matching t-shirts with numbers on the back, so I was Racer 1A and my kid was Racer 1B, that way people would know that we were running together and would hopefully stay out of our way. The shirts worked out great.  I got in a quick warmup, got a few strange stares, and the race was ready to start!  Of course, I had the new Garmin 310, but the battery was completely dead. So here I am supposed to be pacing somebody else and I'm running naked.  Running naked with children (there's one for google's search index).

While we were running, the kids were doing this:

It was pretty crowded at first, but by the first mile marker the crowds had thinned significantly.  My kid got a side stitch and fell back a bit, but I kept her in my sights the entire time. We started at a good pace, but it wasn't too fast. This course was harder than I expected. It was basically just a path around a lake so I wasn't expecting too many tough hills. This course really tested me in that second mile.

By the time the 2 mile marker hit I was feeling it. The last mile fed me a steady diet of hills and more hills.  Finally we came off of the path, up a giant hill, through a parking lot then up the last hill to the finish line.  The official results said I crossed after 22:15. I was really hoping for a sub-22, but as challenging as that course was I'll take 22:15. That's a great time for that course, and my fastest 5k of the year.

Everyone else did really good as well! The kids had a blast. The whole thing made Evil Genius want to run a race with me, but Bigun still isn't interested.  Here are the rest of the funny or otherwise interesting finish line shots.

This girl was being chased by the chicken back there. too funny!

My kid finished strong when she saw her brother coming up behind her!

Said brother finished just after 30 minutes like a big man! Beat his dad, and solid.

Here comes dad. Joe had a good time.

The youngest kid is totally photobombing this pic of the family and their sandwich-eating kid in the finishers chute. rude.

Thing 3 and Gina made it!

And a great time was had by all. Even those 2 kid models on the right.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice work! That is fun that you all did the race together. That is cool that EG is interested in racing with you! I hope she follows through on that as I am sure it'd be a cool daddy/daughter experience to race together!

Unknown said...

What a fun family event!

And that girl being chased by a chicken (which you can sort of see in the photo) made me laugh...

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Is that a mustache!? Was that a November thing or is it a permanent fixture?

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...
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