Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paradigm Day 3

Wednesday Dec 4 2013
MMNW: 179.4 lbs, 20.2% bodyfat
Preworkout: 1 banana, 3 dates
AM workout: run 4 miles, 32 minutes, treadmill, felt great.
Breakfast: oatmeal (soy milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, rasins, almonds)
banana, apple, spinach, frozen (peaches, canteloupe, blueberries), OJ, water
Lunch: smoothie - banana, apple, pineapple, frozen (blueberries cantaloupe peaches)
Dinner: We made this recipe from Dr Dave! Quinoa, mushrooms, chickpeas, olives, broccoli. unreal good, and plenty of leftovers.
PM Workout: Yoga, core work
Snack: banana, couple of dates

I cannot believe I've lost 6 lbs in only 2 days.  When you multiply those percentages out, I've gone from 41.1 lbs of bodyfat to only 36.2 lbs of pure fat. My pants already feel a bit more loose.

Today's run was great. I started out warming up then steadily increased my speed. Did the first mile in about 9:45 and the last mile in 7:15. Controlling your speed can be crucial to not fading out later on in a race. Today I could really feel my abs wearing down, which is a good thing. I've been hitting the core strength really hard lately with crunches and planks and stuff.  Good to see that is starting to pay off.

I'm still drooling over last night's dinner too. That big steamer and the baked sweet potatoes. oh man.  This quinoa stuff was warm comfortable goodness tonight, and there's plenty of leftovers. But before I knew that was going to become reality it was all steamer drool. My problem before was portion control, but there is no controls in place with Paradigm foods. Unlimited quantities is the name of the game here. I mean you don't want to stuff yourself stupid, but I eat until I'm completely full and it's glorious. I piled that bowl so high with quinoa it wouldn't hold anymore. And I ate it all. Bring on tomorrow, this is great.

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