Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Pictures

Our Christmas break actually started on Christmas Eve, but the backlog of pictures predates that!

We actually got these santa pics actually before thanksgiving! ouch, behind the times. Still, great Santa! Evil Genius said she wanted everything Frozen made - no small task.

Christmas eve we went down to Starr, NC for the huge roundup with Kelley's dad's side of the family and the kids sprinkled Reindeer food on the front yard.

Me with Ella and Neena at the Star get together
Then after that, we setup the milk & cookies, plus some reindeer goodies, we opened the first round of presents - new pajamas for the whole family. 

Apples and carrots for the Reindeer, milk & cookies for Santa

Ella's new PJ's

EG's new PJ's

Ella and I

Then we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and hit the hay.  They went to sleep pretty easily, all things considered. Kelley, Neena and I turned in about 1 am.  So naturally, our late sleeping kids were up and screaming by 7:30

Santa had a tough time fitting that in his sack
There was some My Little Pony in there too

Even got My Little Pony bangs and a ponytail

Then Kelley's dad came over for breakfast and more presents

Ella got a WiiU!

EG got a box! just what she always wanted.

hugging the light on Christmas morn

I stole an Anna braid - it matches my beard
Later on that day we drove down to my parents house in Greenville SC and Neena went to visit Kelley's sister. This turned out to be an absolutely wonderful trip! My brother Michael  and his wife and daughter also stayed at the rents. Having all 7 visitors in that house made plenty of bonding time for us all.

Grandma, Kelley, EG, and T-dog

Ella with her little cousin

Me and EG after brushing our teeth - she needed some convincing

Friday morning we did the Flynn family christmas with lots of laughs, presents, and our huge breakfast

Aunt Summer wearing a shark hat!

Uncle Mikey is a cat!

Aunt Martha - their first Christmas as a married couple

a family of animals

Ella and Morgan

Mom made quilts for the girls - Ella got a cat quilt

And EG got a Frozen quilt

I love the look on Dad's face photobombing back there
Friday night we had a very special visit from my Atlanta parents! Gray Harmon and his beautiful wife were in Atlanta, they live in Los Angeles so they don't make it to the east coast every year. Turns out, Gray is swimming on a Masters team now and loving it. They just drove up (2.5 hours each way) for about 3 hours of hanging out with us and having dinner. so cool. I have got to get down to Atlanta for a social trip soon.

We got the annual Christmas Family Portraits done, suitable to stay on the fridge for the next year.

All the grandkids

The four of us

My Parents

Michael & Family
Finally Saturday was the Barnhill Christmas - Mom's side of the family. My aunt Angie was in Florida and my grandmother was unable to leave the nursing home - first time she's missed this gathering - but everyone who made it had a good time.

EG helping Grandma make biscuits

Kelley with a new baby and Jane Todd

Photobomb of the day goes to cousin Rick!  LOL

Martha and Kelley
We had an amazing meal, lots of wonderful family time, and plenty of love was spread around.  Sunday we came on back to NC, and found this little gem before leaving.

Come on man! $1.87 gas? Only in SC. that's quite a relief. Best I can find around Raleigh is $2.29. 

This holiday season was filled with love and family, we couldn't have asked for anything better.  Here's hoping for a smooth new year! We have plans.....