Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Not Wordless Wednesday

This post has a crap ton of pictures for a massive catch up. Each one of these blocks should have been its own post, but I just ran out of time and have to clear space for the amazing holiday photos that are sure to come tomorrow.

I finally got all of the leaves raked up in the front yard

then this happened

Evil Genius' Indian Princess tribe got together for a Disney on Ice: Frozen down at the RBC center. It ended up being a really entertaining show! The ice skating was great, they told the story really well. We all four got to go to the show and had a blast!

EG as Elsa

Elsa and Anna ready for Frozen On Ice (seems redundant to me)

posing in the fake snow

Found our seats!

They found a group of Princesses roaming around. These girls all were from the same school.
At church, the kids choir did a Christmas musical about cupcakes! This year, EG got to play Mary in the living nativity and Ella got to play Judge Betty Rocker in the cupcake contest! It was as adorable as it sounds.

Kids Choir

EG Sings!

Ella sings!
Judge Ella

That's EG looking over baby Jesus
Kelley had a birthday! I can't admit her actual age, let's just call it "dirt". She did have a good birthday this year. We had Neena and Kaileigh with us, and K's bf Matt. We all went out to a Mexican restaurant that's one of her favs.

EG had her hair did up special

Mexican sweetheart selfie!

Saturday morning it snowed in Raleigh! Proof!

I still got to hang out with my friends William and Jess while they were in Raleigh for a bit saturday afternoon after I ran 10 miles. We had recovery beers and wings (my cheat meal for the week)
The kids made gingerbread cookies! Really in the holiday spirit
In downtown Cary, there's a building that has been renovated into the Cary Theater, and they show old movies on the big screen there. It's an old timey theater where your ass falls asleep halfway through the movie and there are no cupholders. But still, it's a really fun outing and they do some special events. We took the whole family there to see the Polar Express, then on saturday night Kelley and I went back for a special interactive sing-a-long for White Christmas. It was a really amazing event! So much fun. That's one of my favorite movies and it really got us into the holiday spirit.

Everyone before the polar express - note K's green hair

Before White Christmas

We were covered in fake snow after the film!
Now bring on Christmas!!!


Abby said...

WOW - You have been busy!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A sing along White Christmas sounds like so much fun! Ok, Phil would probably not agree because he is not a singer, but I would love it. ;) Sounds like the last couple of months have been full of lots of fun things!