Sunday, November 25, 2018

Catching something

I've got a bug to get back to regular training, not just running when I can or feel like it, because that's almost never. It's never too early to plan for next year, right? I'm going to knock Oregon and Tennessee out of the 50 state list as the only athletic plans out there. I'm already registered for the Boring Marathon in Boring, Oregon outside of Portland. I'm also looking at either the Dirt Circuit (probably), a 12 hour race near Knoxville, or the Trash Panda Marathon (raccoons) in Chattanooga. I like the 12 hour because I can rest in between laps, it's a 3 mile loop so I can do 9 loops and call it a day if I want to.

Those are both in September of 2019. Plenty of time to train after I finish up some of these projects, and I'm planning on taking that (Fall 1) as my break from grad school anyway. I can only take 5 out of 6 possible class times next year, so that's going to be the skip. Really I'm ready to be done with grad school already. It's take a LOT of time and I kind of hate it. Head down, muddle through, take it one class at a time. I finished the first class already with an 89.75, a quarter point away from an A.

How I really feel about grad school
Again, I'm so glad the election is over. The blue wave is really nice and seems reasonable, but I really wish Beto had won and Florida didn't fuck up everything again. Mostly just because I despise Ted Cruz and Rick Scott as people as well as for their political propaganda.

I hate Florida
Final note: it's been so long since I've posted anything here I totally missed the Thanksgiving gratefulness post and the 10 year blog anniversary post. I ate so much over Thanksgiving that I'm not sure I will ever actually be hungry again. Well, at least not until I actually start running.