Monday, September 22, 2008

Race Results

We ran the Ache Around the Lake race on saturday, and it was fantastic! Katie and Scarlette really kept everything under control, everyone had a good time and the run was challenging and exciting. I finished in 49:52, a 10:00 pace, 6th (last) in my age group and I am very pleased with that time. My goal was to break an hour, so mission accomplished. A 10 min pace with those mountain hills is pretty good too.

Wifey blew it away however. She finished in 57:51 and took 3rd (of 6) in her age group. She freakin' awarded at her first race ever! Wow, we were both blown away.

We didn't get anyone else there to take pics, so our camera got left in the car. That means no "after" pic yet.

My shins/feet were kind of sore sunday. We had to move one of my grandmothers into an assisted living facility after the race, so I spent the afternoon carrying furniture up 3 flights of stairs. You'd think they would have more elevators with that many senior citizens living there. ouch. So I didn't run sunday. I'm still trying to decide what to do this week.

Nicotine levels are running sky high today. I'm getting a ton of stress from the job, the bills, the house... Anybody want a mountain house? has a house that I am trying to sell. It's been my vacation house for the last few years and I have got to get it sold or rented. Booneinv is one of my sites that I use to sell properties that I own.

So even though today is supposed to be a rest day, I've got to get some endurance in. Plus I ate nothing but crap all weekend. I normally keep a very low fat high fiber diet but a hamburger on sunday and pizza and a beer saturday night don't exactly fall in line to make me feel better. At least the pizza was Brixx, and they are fairly healthy.

I'm thinking about focusing mostly on weight loss workouts until the marathon training program starts Oct 4. We'll see what happens. Starting weight for this phase is 204.

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