Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got it

The rains held off yesterday, and I made it out for a 3.47 mile run after the company staff meeting. Demons at bay, the world is right again. It's supposed to rain here for the next 6 days straight. My garden will be quite happy about this, but I'm going to be in the gym for a while I guess.

My legs felt like I was walking on gummy worms for a couple of hours after the run too. Any nutritional ideas to stop that? fruit, anyone? I think carrots and almonds finally got the job done.

I also finished a book last night that I have to reccomend. It's "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women" by Dawn Dias and was given to me by my friend Deb. She's actually wifey's friend, but I liked the book enough to refer to her as my friend too now. This book is hysterical. And besides the referenced stuggles with jogging bra's, the training plan and journal entries are very applicable for men too. She never smoked, and was just lazy like me. But it's still such a funny read any first time marathoner should find a copy. I was a skinny, happy runner before I started smoking and got lazy so I guess I don't qualify as a non runner. And I certainly don't qualify as a woman. But if I got useful training tips and plenty of belly laughs from this book anyone will.

Be clear. I loved this book and strongly suggest anyone read it. I think her next book will be about cycling. I hope so, when can I get a copy?

The first part of the book is her training plan put together by her coaches. I think this is the training plan Wifey and I are going to use when our training starts sept 29th. The web site for the book is but it does not contain a copy of the training plan. The only thing funky about the training plan is the transition in week 7 when you go from running in minutes to running in miles. 115 minutes is the long run in week 6, and 6 miles is the long run in week 7. At my current pace, running 115 minutes would cover about 9 miles, so I don't see how that is a step up. Maybe Katie can explain that.

Katie has a web site and didn't tell me! has all of her contact info and background. Turns out she's clinicly insane? who knew. A 13 time ironman finisher, her 2008 goal is to break 11 hours for an ironman. I know you can't be right in the head and set a goal like that. But now I've got to go back through the ache site and add links back to the malone coaching site. And bust her chops to get links from malone coaching back to the ache site. Gotta run, more fun stuff tomorrow.

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Katie said...

Thanks John! I admit I am addicted to training. You will be too.