Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming race

September 20th we've got the Ache Around the Lake ( a great 5 mile race. I'm volunteering to help out with the web site, and wifey and I are both running this race. It's wifey's first organized race ever, and I'm really proud of her for taking the bull by the horns with this one. Of course, she's making my training for this one look slow....

Check out the site and sign up for the race if you can. It's going to be in Tryon, NC and benefits the local hospital. But the route goes around Lake Lanier so it should be a beatiful run.

Katie is my new hero! Katie Malone, one of the race organizers just finished the Wisconsin Ironman in 11:56???? Breaking the 12 hour barrier in an ironman is a major accomplishment. I haven't talked to her since she got back to find out what she set a pr on, but wow. 12 hours busted. She ran the marathon portion in 4:01, I'm hoping to break 6 hours. Katie makes a living as a triathlon coach, call her if you want some help with your next race. I know she's got a call coming from me. We need all the help we can get.

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