Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That was a magnificent mile!

Last weekend was the Magnificent Mile in Raleigh, we both got to kick a little ass out there.  I pulled a great 6:21, which is a default PR since it's the first one mile race I've done since high school.  Kelley's goal was to break 10 minutes, and she ran an 8:41, absolutely smashing her expectations.

My goal was really to break 6 minutes, since back in high school (20 years and 50 lbs ago) I ran on the track team and logged a mile at every meet between 5:50 and 6:10.  This race started at the Second Empire restaurant, which sponsors the Grand Prix series that we run in.  From the restaurant, the course just goes around the capital building and back.  They had a clock at the halfway point (back side of the capital building), and it read 2:59 when I got there.  So I knew I was on pace to break 6, but it was going to be tough.  It was going to take a negative split.  I put up a nice positive split instead, finishing in 6:21. 

That's still pretty dang fast.  I only ran the mile on the track team my freshman year of high school, which was the 1989-90 school year.  So it's been 23 years and I've only lost 11 seconds off of my time?  Acceptable.

The other thing we discovered is that Bigun has a preference for taking self-portraits.  She loves the camera, and she dropped it and broke it while we were walking back to the car.  So now I have to come up with a new small camera.  But she still got these shots while we were there:

First self-portrait of the day

Me and the girls before the race

Evil Genius has some serious dance moves

another self-portrait

Seriously, she got a bunch of these

In the crowds at the starting line

Kelley and Bigun sharing the love

And we're off!  Mass start on a sloped road

a self shot and trying to give mommy bunny ears?  Seems her reach is longer than her arms.

At the finish line.  That kid right in front of me had the same shirt and I was trying to catch his little tail for the entire second half

Daddy's number one job?  Keep them off of the pole!

Really girls, stay off of the pole.

I'm actually trying to have a conversation with the guy in the white shirt behind me.  He's the team lead for our Tuna Run Relay team.

Self portrait family style.

Then she did take one just the two of us.  Lena also said in the car that she liked how my muscles have lumps in them.  I hope that's not a sign that she's going to marry a construction worker or some kind of redneck.

Kelley's ready to run!

Got an action shot of her!

Girls dancing at the finish line

She finished waaaay faster than expected!  Great job girl!

Right after she finished.  This is what happy looks like.
Happy about the results

And of course, Bigun had to get another self portrait with the finish line in the background.
It was a great race, and we all had a great time downtown.  Right now I'm working really long days while Kelley and the kids are already in the outer banks enjoying our family vacation.  Loving the new job overall but I must admit I would rather be down there with them already.  My mom is coming here, then we are heading down thursday night.  Plenty of time to get acclimated and ready for the OBX half ironman this weekend!  Last triathlon of the year and my fourth half.  Can't wait!


Diana said...

Fun pics! Congrats on a great time on your race. Best of luck this weekend with the 1/2IM!

Jess said...

Major LOLz at these pictures....especially your comment about keeping them off the pole hahaha.

Congrats to you both on a great run!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I love all the self-portraits. And the pole photos! Ha.

Nice work to both you and Kelley on your mile times! That's awesome! I am so bad at running a mile fast. I did a race in May and my time was just terrible! I've ran faster mile splits in a half marathon than I did in that dang race!

Glad you get to join the family tomorrow. It's tough missing out on vacation fun!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love that photo of Kelley at the end. I think we all know what that feels like! I have not run a mile since high school, when my fastest was about 7:45. Since I can now hold that pace for a several miles, I wonder what my mile pace would be... It would be fun to find out.

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Hey, sorry it's been so long since I was here! What a great achievement though, I think with the cold I have at the moment I'd struggle to run a mile without dying! Your girls are still looking adorable too!

IronMin said...

Congrats on the mile! Damn that's fast. Great pictures of your family...what a fun day all around!