Sunday, January 5, 2020

2019 Turkey Trot

And now, in "hey, I'm super late" news, I'm finally writing up the turkey trot, and it will be brief. The Inside-Out Sports 8k Turkey Trot is a thanksgiving day race that's been going on for several years. I ran it in 2012, finishing in 36:11 and setting a 5 mile PR. This year was going to be a bit slower to say the least...

Thanksgiving turned out to be a fantastic holiday this year. We stayed in Raleigh instead of going to SC and decided to have a laid back approach. So Kelley and I both signed up for this race to kick things off. Actually she got rather upset with me because she forgot it was an 8k instead of a 5k and she's only been training for around 3 miles, oops.

This was actually the first time this year I've made it to a running race. It felt great to be among peers again, and I was surprised I didn't see more friends - there were plenty of familiar pictures showing up on facebook later

Big crowd!

We're ready to roll!
Something about this course is fantastic. I don't know what it is, but I end up turning up great times here. My training has been churning out 10 minute miles all year long. Somehow I finished this one in only 46:32, finishing 32nd in my age group out of 47, 278/473 men and 416/958 overall. This is a pretty big crowd for a 5 mile race.

Kelley finished just a couple of minutes behind me, 51:45, good enough for 34/57 age group, 251/485 women, and 596/958 overall. She had a blast too

at the finish line!

With the giant turkey
After the race we got to watch football all day, and the parade. Then we hosted dinner in the evening with lots of family.