Friday, December 5, 2014

Other stuff happened in November too

By the numbers, it went like:

Swim: 20,750 yards, 8 swims
Bike: zero
Run: 74.1 miles, 1 race
Strength: 5 times
Yoga: 17 times

74 miles of running isn't the 100 miles I was looking for, but I did take 3rd place male at the 1 race I did this month. And the other numbers are all pretty good, all things considered. I only need another 98.85 miles of running this month to get my 1200 mile goal on the year!

My longest runs for the month were each 10 miles, 3 of them including one down at Kelley's mom's house. We ended up staying the entire week for Thanksgiving, then Saturday was her mom's birthday. I did some yoga as well while I was down there.

Even getting down there had it's own set of challenges.  After Gene's heart attack thursday night, Kelley went down there Friday morning after the kids had  an awards program at school. Ella got the "responsibility" award, and Evil Genius got "perseverance" fort their classes. When I drove to swim practice at noon, there was a car accident on the highway that left some debris, that of course blew out one of my tires. So saturday before we could leave I had to go drop $500 on new tires. Luckily the Firestone place was next to a mall, so this kind of adorable happened

We also ate at the food court and played on a playground inside for several hours. Eventually, we did make our way down to the lake.

My view for the week

Skeptical selfie with the people's eyebrow

Thanksgiving ended up being a wonderful day with a lot of family time, including this little bit that has all of the cutes you can imagine. We started at Aunt Kathy's little house with all of Neena's sisters and our cousins. It was quite healing for us all to have that much family time again.  And Kathy has a new housepet, a lap goat. Her name is Elsa, she's a week old. the mommy goat had an udder infection so Elsa ended up in the house being bottle fed. She had a brother who didn't make it. So what could be cuter than my little girls holding a 1 week old baby goat?

That face!

Ella is a natural
 Turn down for what? Elsa was really acting skittish around all of those people until Ella picked her up. Then she calmed right down. Her way with animals is pretty scary to me, as a non-lover of animals. I want to have as few as we can get away with, she wants them all inside my house. ugh.

My car started acting all nasty on the drive over to Kathy's, about 30 minutes away. Wouldn't go over 45 mph, trouble shifting gears, etc. After a huge meal I had to drive that old rust bucket for about 90 minutes up to my parents house in Greenville. I got there right after all of the leftovers were put away from their huge turkey meal. I got to spend plenty of time with everyone, and that is the most important part about any holiday for us.

Friday morning I had to get my car fixed, parts and labor came up to a grand - ouch! But it did give me a chance to visit with my grandmother. She turned 90 on Tuesday, and this was a special visit since her health is declining rapidly. When my car was done I headed back to Raleigh.

There's a Taco Mac in Cary now! Ah, that really makes me miss Atlanta. I used to go sometimes when I worked down there. This one was so good! I snapped a vain selfie when I was in there hoping someone else would meet me at the bar. nobody did.

Wouldn't you drink with this guy?

After the graveside service (I know I'm skipping around in time here) we all went back to the house where Gene grew up for some fun time together. Gene's nephew lives there now, and he has restored a 1955 Ford tractor that was really cool. It's still a farm, but they don't have cattle anymore. Lots of fields and a swimming hole, it's a really cool place.

And finally the last thing I have to mention about November is actually a Christmas thing that took place the thursday night before thanksgiving! We like going to this holiday festival every year at Cameron Village, an local shopping center near Kelley's Dad's house.  We get our picture taken with Santa Claus early, with no line, and for free, and do other fun stuff too. Santa pics are on the other camera still.

Balloon animals!

Giant Balls!



Even a magic show!
And of course, Ella found somebody walking around with a couple of Great Dane's on leashes. They looked like small horses, and now that's all she wants for Christmas.  Looks like there will be tears since we are absolutely not getting one! I mean, come on. a great dane?


Tea said...

I read this entire post, and what do I gleen from it? WE DON'T HAVE A TACO MAC here......

Abby said...

Wow. You all had a super busy month. I group up in a household with dogs, guinea pigs, turtles, lizards, snakes, a hedgehogs, and alligators... could be worse than Great Danes.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Taco Mac and animals?!

We had a Great Dane once for 2-3 hours (I found it wandering). Even for me, that dog was too big. It could rest its head on the counter.

Looks like despite Gene's passing, you really celebrated your family.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never heard of a Taco Mac before!

Wow, November was quite the month. I am impressed that you fit in as many miles as you did considering all the things happening in your life. My mileage was pitiful in November, it will be pretty lame this month too but I'll ramp things up in Feb or Mar.