Monday, December 30, 2013

Four Christmases - the preview

Since I just realized I never posted any Christmas tree pics or anything, I thought I would start early with our Christmas report. Spoiler alert - the kids are spoiled. rotten. But they are older this year so it's almost ok.

Bigun helped with the lights

They are happy with the tree

Bigun got to put the star on top
Something really cool happened this year. We got the tree and put it in the stand, then I hung the lights with two little assistants. Then, Kelley and I just sat back on the couch and let the tree just decorate itself. It was so cool just to watch the kids go to town. They got medieval on that tree. For the first time, this year they were big enough to decorate the entire tree, not just the bottom third. They had a blast, we really enjoyed only having to watch, so it was a good time all around.

Evil Genius is holding that bottom light a little precariously


They drew some of the ornaments this year. This one is our favorite

They also got to decorate gingerbread cookies for Santa!

It's a cute little tree, with tons of presents
The kids are 8 and 6 this year, and this is the perfect age for a great Christmas season. This is the sweet spot. They aren't yet old enough to care more about ignoring us than having fun, and are so young that they still believe in Santa Claus. They are still nice to everybody, and still glad to see all of the family members even if they can't remember all of the names. It's such a sweet, special time for us all.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the hand drawn ornaments! The girls are at a great age for Christmas. My nephews are in that age range and they were so excited for Christmas which makes me more excited as an adult!