Sunday, December 8, 2013

Paradigm Day 6

Saturday Dec 7 2013
MMNW: 176.6 lbs, 18.4% bodyfat
Breakfast: Life cereal in milk
Preworkout: 1 banana, 4 dates
noon workout: run 15 miles
Lunch: smoothie - banana, apple, pineapple, frozen (blueberries cantaloupe peaches strawberries), spinach, muscle milk, chia/flax seed
PM snack: organic animal crackers
Dinner: Chickpea Burgers, baked sweet potato
PM Workout: watching college football
Snack: nothing
I gained 0.2 lbs but lost 0.2% bodyfat this morning; probably an anomaly in the scale. I'm ok with that.  Not only was breakfast not Paradigm, it's not even vegan. First blatantly non-vegan meal in the detox. I had my weekly long run today, and didn't know how to handle that, so I just handled it wrong. A big bowl of cereal is what I always eat before a long run or a big race. Today it did not serve me well.

During the run I felt a bit heavy, then bonked around 90 minutes in when I ran out of blood glucose. I didn't want to have the normal breakfast smoothie before the run, since smoothies are a great recovery tool for after a long run. I think I should have just loaded up on whole fruit instead. I mean 1 banana and 3 dates isn't enough calories to run long on. The 15 miles took 2:03, but those last 30 minutes were really tough. I was trying to keep the last five miles at a 7:24 pace, but could only hold it for two miles before hitting that wall.

Oh, those burgers!!  Saturday night was the college football championship games, so we made Lisa Fallon Mindel's Chickpea Burgers. This recipe was fantastic. I was so excited I took pictures. The baked sweet potatoes were sort of like fries, so this gameday classic got a Paradigm twist! We served on deli rounds, which are not paradigm, and topped it with sliced avocado. Still totally vegan, very appropriate for the day, and it went great with football.

Chickpeas, onion, garlic, turmeric, other spices and stuff. unreal good.

Topped and served with sweet potato and football

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, those chickpea burgers look good! That is something I could eat and would like! Nice work on the 15 miler. When is your next race?

Side note: Boone was great. That would be such a fun place to go to college. I had a great time checking out Kings Street. We took 321 back so went by Twigs and also stopped at that Canyon restaurant to get pictures of the view. That is such a stunning area!