Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Totals?

are pathetic. And yes, I'm a day late but it's the first month I've tracked everything using my training plan spreadsheet. I didn't exactly get April off to a rousing start yesterday either. I billed out almost 12 hours instead of doing my planned brick. Sometimes that just happens. But today a new version of my software is going live after some user testing, so it had to be done.

Swim: 1800 meters (one swim total) wow that really sucks. i just dropped it. and with my first tri of the year only 17 days away, I better figure something out quick.
Bike: 124.8 miles including one race. Now that's more like it. not bad at all.
Run: 33.15 miles. That's supposed to be a weekly total, not a monthly total!!!! Geez, you'd think I wasn't training for a marathon here. But, I did have the liver thing and the doc told me not to run for about 10 days. Still, that flat sucks. I've GOT to step it up a notch.
Total: 159.15 miles. Geez, I didn't even get in Glaven numbers (he topped 200 miles on the month). That's really pathetic. No excuses, April has to be over 200.

Also, I had 6.3 hours of strength training, I did miss a few of the Tri Power workouts with the liver thing. And 4.5 hours of yoga should have been 5, I skipped on day with the liver thing.

So what does april hold exactly? Some fun. I'm taking Coach Stu to The Master's golf tournament that saturday. The following weekend (april 19th) is a sprint tri in Raleigh, NC. Kelley's dad can't wait to see the girls, we haven't seen him since I don't know when. Maybe Christmas. Then april 25th is planned as a half marathon here in Greenville. It's really a training race for my full marathon in June. Then May 3rd we're doing the mud run (4 miles with obstacles), so I'll be racing 3 weekends in a row. that's going to be wild! But April is when March's training pays off, so let's hope last month's slack doesn't hurt too much. At least I know that my core is strong and the bod is thin and ready. It's going to be a cool month.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Today is my mother's 60'th birthday. We've got big plans that I will have to reveal later. Bwuahahahahaha!!1! I'm sure the suspense is killing you.


teacherwoman said...

Don't beat yourself up over March. Done and over with! On to April! It's going to be FANTASTIC!

Happy Birthday John's Mom!

Marcy said...

Ehhhhh don't sweat it! Why do you want to be like G anyway? :P (I'm KIDDING G! I love you!)

tfh said...

I think the best training often comes after relatively light periods. And at least you have all that biking so you know your aerobic conditioning is still strong. Happy birthday to your mom-- sixty is a great number, so you better have something special planned! (Although with those sweet grandkids I imagine she's pretty content already...)

Jess said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of training. It happens. April will kick ass!

Amber said...

I agree with Jess, sometimes life just gets in the way. Just amp it up in April! Happy Birthday to your mom :-)

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Wow. Your Mom is young.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Smoke Training's Momma.

Sun Runner said...

I'm doing a half marathon as a "training race" on Sunday. I was supposed to run 12 that day anyway, so I thought, oh, just make it a race, why the hell not?

When I mention to various persons that I'm running a half marathon "for fun..."

Well, you can imagine the looks I get. The words "Uh, what?" and the "does not compute" look have become common.

Obsessed Runners are crazy.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

WORDS HURT, Teh Marcy!!1! You can't just UNTYPE them! Or unsay them!

CJ's words don't hurt, though, because who can tell WHAT the f*ck he's saying through that thick Hillbilly Cletus accent? Maybe if he had some teeth ... but, you know, possum and skunk meat is tough, so the choppers wear out.

In conclusion: Teh Marcy LUVS me, Carolina John, and she came here to say it, so she's also implying IN YER FACE, Carolina Cletus! I DON'T love you!

joyRuN said...

I'll trade you some running miles for some bike miles - how 'bout it?

Happy Birthday, CJ's Mom!!

Alisa said...

It'll get the numbers up in April!

fisher cat said...

Swim, dude - that tri is upon you and you won't get to bike OR run unless you first SWIM!

hang tough. just found your site and think it's terrific you've traded smokes for smoking hot sneakers. smart move!

Wes said...

During March, those strength and yoga sessions will do you the most good! Here's to a good month!!!

Sarah said...

I don't think those totals are bad - BUT i love the plan for April. Fun.

and happy birthday to your mommy

Girl on Top said...

Which marathon are you doing in June? I'm doing a half in June! Maybe I'll dip my feet in a marathon next year...