Sunday, March 25, 2018

Under the weather at the worst time

I know it's my own dumbass fault for not getting a flu shot this year. Next year I will get one. But it seems like every year when I get the shot, I get sick and the years when I don't get the shot I don't get sick at all. Kelley and the kids all got the shot.

I got a cold.

At least it wasn't the flu. I did actually go to the doctor after a few days for a flu test that came back negative. But I will own totally turning into a man-baby when I get sick. it's not pretty. This one has lasted a week, so far. I can work from home, and if I don't actually have the mental capacity to complete my job then I can take some time off without an issue. But this time I was able to just stay home at the new built-in desk for a week and that was it. Tomorrow I head back into the office.

It started as a head cold, then dropped into chest congestion which broke into productive coughing. The kids are tracked out right now, they don't go back to school until tomorrow. So with one quarter left in the school year, they got to laugh at me a lot. It was really disgusting. We've had a lot of family time over this track out. I didn't expect getting sick to add to that.

The timing sucks. Of course there is no running while I'm out sick, or swimming. My first marathon in a year and a half is only 2 weeks away. Next sunday is Easter, then the following is the Trap Pond 50k. I'm going to step down to the marathon distance instead of the 50k if I can, but I really want to get this state (Delaware) done. There were only three 20 mile runs in my training plan and I had to build back up to marathon shape anyway. Training has been frustrating at best. 2 weeks ago I missed a 20 to drop the kids off at my parents house for track out. This weekend being sick I missed another 20. Anytime I stay outside for longer than about 5 minutes my lungs catch on fire. That's not ideal.

So from here - I was able to work outside most of the afternoon today without issue. Tomorrow I'm back in the office. Going to try and hit plenty of after-work running, maybe stretch the normal taper 12 mile long run into a 15 or something. The single 20 miler that I was able to complete felt amazing and was a blast. But that's not usually enough for a clean, comfortable marathon.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. That sucks so much that you got so sick so close to when you are running a marathon. I got bronchitis 4 or 5 weeks out from the Des Moines marathon in 2012 and I missed several weekends of long runs. I did end up PR'ing but did not run a sub-4 like I was hoping. I hope the race still goes well for you. It's good that you got one 20 miler in. I know it's the the 3 you were hoping for, but I think you've got the training in your legs to run a good race!