Sunday, March 4, 2018

February Didn't Suck!

Most of the time in NC, February is the only month that gets uncomfortably cold. It bothers Kelley, but I'm usually ok with it. Especially now that we've got more insulation in the house so it's not as cold inside. But this year, we finished off the kitchen remodel project, 50k training is in full swing, I got to build some boat frames, everything turned out ok.

Swim: 20,150 yards, 6 practices
Bike: 16 miles, 1 ride
Run: 90.6 miles, 11 runs
Strength: 0
Yoga: 1

Swimming could have been more consistent. Work got very busy and kept breaking up my noon practice times, but my time in the pool was focused on quality. Once I actually still went to practice even though I got there 30 minutes late for a 75 minute practice. The marathon training plan was in full swing, I only missed one run on Thursday the 1st. The long runs are going really well, the 19 miler was really hard but the following 20 miler was great - and actually faster than the 19 was. I've got 2 more 20's planned before tapering for the big race on April 8. I need to start running a 4th day every week, not sure that only 3 days a week and 3 20 mile runs will really get me prepared for the 50k.

We didn't have any out of town trips and there wasn't a whole lot of pictures from family time. My mom did come up to visit for a few days, which was wonderful though. But the pictures are more about projects and fun stuff for me rather than the whole family.

I started working on concreting a patio

Got some white oak for my boat frames

That white oak needs to dry before getting planed clean

Look ma, I'm a lumberjack!

Finished off the desk

Hallway is done!

Desk & Cabinet are done

Crown molding & door framing is done!

Really opened up that kitchen space

Still have to make a couple of drawers

Finished off the new cabinets! Done!
We are so glad to finally call this kitchen remodel done. It turned out great, and really added some value to the house. And we love the new space, layout, and all of that new cabinet space!

Cool kids all hang reading glasses from the rear view mirror

An old picture from college that mom left when she came up! I was a baby

Back around 1995? When my hair was starting to grow out long

Pruned the muscadine vines hard this year

That oak came through the planer pretty clean! Check out those shavings on the floor

Cut up some 8/4 into strips to form the stem

I love a clean shop

Shaved the beard back into this mustache. Kelley couldn't stop laughing

Built a boat frame!!

Getting some zen kitty on the porch

My little hottie, yes I wore shorts in February

Finished putting some deck skirting up

Got all of the boat frames finished off!
So I got to make a lot of progress on a lot of projects and did a bunch of running. The family didn't kick me out for this, so we're all ok. I can't wait to see how March is going to turn out! Hint: we get some good family time since the kids track out. I really should post more often, there was some fun stuff that went down...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It's crazy that you are already in the final phase of marathon training! Your race is so soon. That's great that your 19 and 20 miler went so well! That's a huge confidence boost for sure.

February kind of sucked for us. It's a terrible weather month for us. It was super cold for the first half and then really snowy for the 2nd half. And I still had blood clot pain and I had a flare that moved from joint to joint for the whole month. So yah, not my best month. But it's over and we started March off with the arrival of our beautiful baby boy!!

Kristie said...

Your house looks great! It must be so awesome to finish up the kitchen remodel. Ours is just starting, only in planning! And you found time to run some serious miles. Sounds like you're getting back into it!