Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's Pics

The nice sunny warm days of late have brought the girls back outside. With it came our camera. I haven't put up many pics of them lately because we haven't taken that many being stuck inside all the time. I did a post with Christmas pics, and the first one was too cute. You know, just in case you guys want to see how much the girls have grown since then. But what a difference a week makes. Can you believe last week it was this:

Bigun playing in the snow. that hat is so cute!

Evil Genius running around in the snow. She didn't know what to think, really. I think it was her first time seeing snow. She's 22 months old now, turning 2 may 31st.

and now we get stuff like this:

The weeping cherry tree I put next to the kids sandbox is blooming! Cute, small, perky blooms, too, and tons of them. EVERYBODY that came into the backyard last year asked me why I didn't dig up that dead cherry tree. 'Cause it's not so dead! HAHA, This gardener got the last laugh, I guess.


The blooming cherry tree weather led to this:

EG helping me water the garden, a very small amount at a time. That dress is adorable.

And naturally, she needed proper sun protection. Something about babies in giant hats makes me smile.

Bigun had to get in on the fun, too. She's really grown into such a smart and fun little girl.

People have often asked me why I never post a picture of the dog or cat on here. Here's a good reason:

Simple, really. I hate that dog. Actually, I despise the fact that the yard is covered in dog poop, also known as "Glaven Piles". You can see the garlic growing up nicely behind the pooping dog. She thinks my cleared garden space is an instruction to raise the acid levels of my garden soil. The animal itself doesn't bother me much. just the Glaven's. I'm not a dog person, or a cat person. I'm more of a "leave me the hell alone you non-human" kind of guy. Kelley had the dog 2 years before she met me (and we've had 13 years together), so this thing is old. She's still healthy though.
And because I can't finish up with a pic of the dang dog:

EG has a mouth full of chocolate pudding. Those big puffy cheeks are so adorable, what else can I say about it? She's at a very photogenic age right now.

And I seem to be missing any pictures of myself or Kelley. hmmm, guess who the focus is on right now?


I got a few miles on the bike yesterday along with some core work. I must admit to slacking off of the Tri Power workouts for a few days. Love them, just running out of time. Did some yoga this morning, long tri power workout to come over lunch and I hope a brick after work (10 mile bike, 5 mile run) at the gym. Gotta get it done today, tomorrow I'm leaving for charleston for the weekend. Gotta help my brother with some house stuff. gonna be awesome! While it's nice and flat at the coast, I'm hoping to get in a 12 mile run and 20 miles on the bike.

My last pack of seeds has finally shipped, so the seed flats are going up today! I'm only a few weeks late. I bet they can pull through. I need to get some mulch down on the berry patch asap, too. not quite sure how that's going to happen. And it's time for the spring fertilizer down here, since I do everything under priciples of organic gardening I have to find the right stuff.



Xenia said...

Your daughters are adorable!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I agree with Xenia - the kids are too cute!

Calyx Meredith said...

The girls are darling. LOVE the chocolate pudding cheeks. Are y'all supposed to have the icky weather this weekend that we are (30's and rain/sleet)? If you are, I hope it doesn't kill the baby plants!

Sun Runner said...

Flowers and short sleeves? SO. NOT. FAIR.

Jess said...

Your girls are such cutie pies! I was wondering how you were going to work your daily Glaven insult into this post. LOL!

Wes said...

Awwwww man... your wife makes good babies! I don't believe you do :-)

Missy said...

I'm with you...winter a week ago, summer last weekend and now it's winter again!!! I hate it, I'm ready for Spring.

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

hahah you mustve missed this post:

Marcy said...

OMFG DUDE!! Here I am all looking at one nice pic after another and then BAM a dog taking a dump! NICEEEEE! HAHHAAH!

Melanie said...

sweet girls, love the chubby cheeks! :D

joyRuN said...

Those beautiful girls are going to be the death of you when they reach the tween years. I know mine will be. I wonder how early they take them in the convent?

Amanda said...

Cutest girls ever, and the non-human isn't so bad either;)

Sarah said...

I'm reading along with this little smile on my face. . . oh those kids are cute! What?! A pooping dog?? honestly

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I like the cherry tree picture. The pooing dog though?! I could d without.

Those babies are sooo adorable!

healthy ashley said...

The kids are adorable.. but nothing beats the dog picture! Have a great weekend!!

carrie said...

You're so in trouble when those big blue eyes turn about, oh, 15 or so! Gorgeous.

Totally jealous of the gardening, I'm still sitting inside looking at the Breck's catalog....

Dori said...

My dad quit smoking when he was 29 and will be 75 in a few months. Good for you for quitting and for taking charge of your health. You're a great example to your adorable daughters.