Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lazy, anyone?

Actually, not lazy as much as surrounded by other crap. Yesterday we had directv installed, been wanting to get rid of the cable tv for service/quality reasons for years. Now I used to run all types of low voltage cable all the time, but that doesn't mean I liked it. And for some reason, I ended up helping the installer run cable and go through the setup to the point where it pulled me off of the job for about 4 hours. WTH? so that sucked up my workout time yesterday.

Monday got out of control too. I ended up pushing myself for some work stuff and some mountain house stuff. Then of course we got sucked into the batchelor finale. whatever.

Today we have a staff meeting. That tends to suck up all of my non-billable time during the day. We only do it once a month, and i gripe about it every time. all i have to do is listen to a skype call, so sometimes i'll throw the bike on the trainer and ride, sometimes i'll do something else while listening.

Do you like to workout in the morning or afternoon? I'm having trouble right now setting up the schedule. Kelley likes to workout in the morning, so she can get home and get some breakfast before getting the girls out of bed. Working from home inherently has built in flex scheduling. It's easy to get down here and start writing code. It's becoming much harder to get away. Last year I had no trouble leaving about 11 am to go to the gym, take a shower, make lunch and get back down here by 1 pm. But now it seems my mid day demands have been increasing. very strange. Everybody and their brother hits the gym after work at 5 pm, so I feel like I should be flexible enough to avoid that crowd. But if I have to, I have to. The trouble is it ends up being impossible to step away from the desk between 5 and 6:30. Then the night goes like this: kelley has dinner ready usually by 6:30 and is screaming for me to watch the kids. 7 pm sometimes the girls get a bath, 7:30 or 8 we get them ready for bed and asleep by 8:30. at which point we are both ready to crash and zombie out for a while.

This weekend starts daylight savings time, and I'm glad to have my evening daylight back. It means the regular weekly group rides are starting back up, and I'm going to have to put my foot down some for 6 pm group rides on tuesday and thursday nights. Swim practice is 5:30 am mon, tues, and thursday, and friday is the weekly rest day. So wednesday I could get in a 5:30 am run, and monday fight the 5 pm crowds for another run. Believe it or not, I actually have an easier time getting up and going really early in the morning when we're ON dst. I have no idea why. But when the time "falls back" it kills my early morning ambitions.

I have been doing the tri power workouts during our evening tv binges. They are still consistently kicking me around, but in a good way. And I think it's important to have rest or down time before going to bed.

The Batchelor finale was hilarious. Jason is a complete idiot, the likes of which you normally don't see on tv. He obviously has issues with commitment and decisions. I have to admit a complete addiction to Batchelor/Batchelorette everything. Love the shows no matter how invalid the process is. It's still good entertainment. but this guy is a moron. the way he kisses the girls creeps me out, that hasn't happened in seasons past. I don't know why, he's just a dumbass.

We caught the Biggest Liar last night too. Oh the cliffhanger drama! I heard that any mention of their marathon lie from last week has been forced out of the video release and will not be mentioned in future episodes. It's still rediculous. And last night had nothing really interesting either. It seemed to be a very "safe" episode. I say they are all losers. Actually, I hate that they spend 15 minutes talking about excercise and nutrition and an hour 45 minutes with drama, weigh ins and voting. the only thing that counts is pounds lost, not general health so people can lose more weight than they should to still be healthy. And if they are going to use percentage of weight loss as their measurment factor down to the hundredths of a percent, they should use weight down to tenths of a pound. One time last year, there was a .01% difference between two people, and the guy thought he could have shaved the beard to get the extra .01% loss. But it would have to be an entire lb on their system. It's stupid to be that imprecise. but whatever. that's my rant.

Today is supposed to be a brick, 15 mile bike and 4 mile run. but with the staff meeting who knows. My BPD (bipolar posting disorder) is running wild today. Have a good one!


Calyx Meredith said...

Ooooh - I HATE it when they take my morning sunshine away in the Spring! It finally starts getting light early and they screw it up! Bleck. Obviously I'm a morning person. :D I much prefer to work out in the mornings and feel accomplished for the day. It helps wake my brain up and burn out the stress before it can knot up my day. When the kids were little, pretty much my only chance was to get my workout in before they were up. (I think Kelley and I would get along.)

Wes said...

Dee Dee MADE me watch the finale of The Bachelor too. That shiz is worse than All My Children. I wanted to puke. Then the drama in "After The Rose" shows was priceless. The guy proved he was not worthy of trust. I want my cake and eat it too!!! LOL... Ahhhhh well...

Guard your "me time" jealously bro! It will make you a better person and everyone in your life will benefit from that, even though it seems very stressful at the time.

Steve Stenzel said...

The batchelor finale?!? REALLY?!? HA!

I'll sometimes do morning workouts to mix it up, but usually, I prefer the "just home from work" workouts...

And I'll be looking forward to your entry!! I'm excited for this!!

Amber said...

I'm a student so my days are also super flexible, I usually work out mid afternoon/morning. However, last summer when I was working full-time I got up at 5:30 to workout everyday and I LOVED it! I also worked at a pool so I didn't have to shower before going to work because I was just jumping in the water to teach lessons. But working out in the morning really gave me so much more energy for the rest of my day!

Amanda said...

I love that you watch reality TV. My husband likes Biggest Loser but I can't get him to watch The Batchelor. I agree with you about BL, boring!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I have not read this post yet but I did not want that to stop me from posting a comment because I want to be the sixth person to comment because lengend has it number 6 gets to TAKE POSSESSION OF THE BLOGGER'S SOUL!!1!

In related news ... SOUL FOR SALE!! BARELY USED!1!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Okay, this time I read the post.

[MrBurnsVoice]I'll buy that soul! For pennies on the dollar![/MrBurnsVoice]

(It's a buyer's market.)

We have directv and teh 'bride lurves it. Of course, I reported our local cable company to the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, random people on the street ... so we couldn't go back if we wanted to. We don't want to, but it's nice to have the option.

And NO I AM NOT A CRANK! I've never reported anyone to the BBB or the FCC before.

Though I'm tempted to report this blog, what with the illegal sale of souls going on.

I work out in the morning. Do with that info what you will. It works for me. I'm a morning person.

I don't know how people with multiple kids do it - by which I mean ... doggie-style? Missionary?

O, and also how they manage to wrangle all those kids.

But then don't forget there's also Woman-on-top. I neglected to mention that position. Very popular.

Good luck with ... whatever this post was about. (I just skimmed, really.) And good job on ... whatever it was you were bragging about accomplishing in this post. Laying cable, was it?

When you lay cable, how do you do it? By which I mean ... doggie-style? Missionary? Cable-on-top?


teacherwoman said...

Okay, I really prefer to workout in the morning. It just sets my day off to a good start. However, that doesn't always happen. I think what is important is that you find what works for you!