Friday, March 6, 2009


The kids are going to grandma's. FREEDOM!!!1! Bigun is ready to go NOW she does not want to wait until after nap time she wants to go NOW to Grandma's why aren't we in the car yet daddy NOW! These younguns are lucky to be alive today. We went to a mexican restaurant for dinner last night where their favorite activity was standing on the table throwing toys onto my plate. That's the Evil part of Evil Genius shining through. The genius part is that her accuracy was amazing. Most 20 month old kids aren't that coordinated. Of course, she also thought that she could step normally from the table back to the seat, that did not end well. so maybe there's a depth perception problem. Make that Grandma's depth perception problem for the next few days.

Today is supposed to be sunny and 69, tomorrow sunny and 77, sunday sunny and 78. Saturday Kelley is going to visit a cousin for the night to do some girly stuff. All I know is they are starting with 5 bottles of wine. I don't have to care where it ends. FREEDOM!!!1! And with that much sunshine and warm weather, I am going for a long run on saturday (11 miles) and a long bike ride on sunday around 30 miles and nobody else has to care when I do that. I am also going to get the seed flats started, finish the bed prep, and plant the grapes and blueberries (finally). So it's going to be a great weekend to workout and garden. It's also fun to note that I won't have a car, and I still don't care. I'll take the bike if I want to go anywhere. FREEDOM!!!!1!

Now I don't want to imply that I won't miss my kids. Just yesterday, I found some great new coloring books for the girls:

They going be rolling Crayola style. Michael put a blog post up with links to a bunch of these. OMG I was losing my shiz. I might sprinkle some others in here in future posts.

Today's a rest day, I got a haircut finally. I'm so lazy and cheap that I only get a haircut every 2 months(ish). But I've had the same barber since I was 5, so he's ok with it. And working from home, nobody but Glaven has to care if I look good. You know Glaven is gay from his man-foot fetish and general excited state from his physical therapist, Tony. I think it's ok if he enjoys the man's touch.

So I hope your weekend is as good as mine. If you're in the area (or would like to be) give me a call. I still have no idea what route or group ride I will jump on for sunday's bike work. I just know it will be outside and be long. That sounds familiar.... TGIF!


Wes said...

Dooood! We need a party!! LOL...

Jess said...

hahah you and Glaven make me laugh! Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Amber said...

It's definitely nice to have some time to yourself every once in a while!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

sunny and 69

Woo-hoo! I like sunny ... and 69? Even BETTER!11!

FREEDOM!!!1! And with that much sunshine and warm weather, I am going for a long run on saturday (11 miles) and a long bike ride on sunday around 30 miles

wow (yawn) - you sho do know how ta live it up, Carolina Jawhn! No wonder the only p*ssy you get is cartoon p*ssy.

So settle a bet for me - who's better in bed - Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble? Because Wilma looks like she's just lie there (been crushed under fat-@$$ Fred for too long, I guess) ... but Betty? I suspect she's a FREAK!1!

O, man, why am I askin' you? You probably got it on with Mr. Slate.

I get my hair cut like once every year. And I get Teh 'Bride to do it because I'm CHEAP and because if you're a dude and your barber don't have LABIA, you're GAY!1!

But I'm not judging.

Sarah said...

Those coloring books would make great gifts for my neices. I feel they would make me super popular with my sister and her husband!

Enjoy your weekend of freedom -

and ps - I hate todays picture of me, so yes, I can take bad ones. regularly, actually!

Carly said...

Enjoy your weekend of freedom! I am soooo jealous. I love the coloring books. hahahaa

Christine said...

OMG those coloring books are HILARIOUS!!! How funny! Glad you enjoyed your rest day :)

RBR said...

Love having the house to myself.! I hope you enjoyed it.

You and Glaven are hereby entered as further evidence in support of my hypothesis that men never emotionally mature above 12. I'm just saying... ;o)

Steve Stenzel said...

Wow! Nice coloring book!

And I hope you had a good ride!!

Marcy said...

You lucky SOB!! Dang someone take my kids already! LOL

I think I'm def going to get those coloring books for the kids. Gotta get em trashy young LOL