Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too Cute

Since sunday became a rest day instead of monday, I had to makeup the missed workout. I've been in a great mood all week, because my boss went to Texas today for a trade show where he's going to sell a ton of licenses for this software I wrote and come back with a fistful of contracts next week. So I can't post anything negative today. Hence, I won't be talking much about the runs this week. I figured instead I would put up cute pics of my girls. That's much more positive than monday's recovery run.

I commented something to Girl On Top that I think bears repeating (because it's funny and true, people):
Running shoes are a lot like an expensive hooker. You have to grit your teeth and pay up front, but the ride is soooo worth it. Then in 6 months you have to go back for more - but i joke!

So I am so glad I got some new stomps. I wasn't really sure if the old ones were really done or if I could get a few more miles out of them. So monday I thought it's only a 3 mile recovery run from saturday's long run. I'll see if these old shoes have any life left in them. They did not. Oldies had definitely exhausted their last mile. The tread isn't very worn, so I think Run In can add some arch support and pronation correction stuff and make them runnable again, but it's been a long time since I was in that much pain. The road I live off of has a giant hill going up to an elementary school, and I ran all the way up the hill, turned the corner and almost made it to the school before stopping to walk. Then, I limped all the way back home. I technically did the 3 miles, but wow. serious ouchie. Yesterday I did the elliptical for 30 minutes, 3.5 miles, 400 calories. I still couldn't take any impact. Today is cross training day, so I'm going to bike it to the gym and back, and lift weights while there.

Now, cute pics:

The cutest girl to ever come home from kindergarten just a adorable as she could possibly be. I love those pigtails!

They are so sweet at that age

And how quickly it turns to laughter (or is that rage?)

This looks like I am doing something dirty, but I'm really not. Bigun like to take pics with our camera, and she took this one. I'm just making faces at her. We use a Nikon D40 and love it.

BTW, that Slow Runner t-shirt is really cool. My brother Michael lives in Charleston, SC and has been a professional musician for years. Slow Runner is his band. They were even signed to a major record label for a while, and did several nationwide tours as the opening act for larger bands on the label. It's great stuff.

Wifey lounging among the Lantana

Watch out, they spit! Littlun is so adorable at this age (~16 months)

Playing among the celery. I love that celery. It's an organic, heirloom variety and is the first thing I have ever sucessfully grown from seed! I really got into organic gardening this year. And that celery got almost as tall as the girl!


Marcy said...

Awwwhhh adorable pics! You have a gorgeous fam ;D ;D

ThickChick said...

Hi John!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. It is definitely reassuring to know that even if things aren't ever, um comfortable between us, life with my Cub can still be harmonius!

Your daughters, scratch that, the whole damn fam, are BEAUTIFUL!!

Congrats on the organic farming, so so so cool! I can't wait until we move to give this gardening bit a try....

Girl on Top said...

Thanks for the tip.

Great job on the softwares. That must have been a great feeling.

Your family is too cute!