Friday, October 10, 2008

Back on that horse

Well, the cold has finally cleared. My voice is still gone, but I got in a run yesterday and it felt GREAT! I was at the gym, and did my 5 miles per the training plan in about 53 minutes. It burned 800 calories, and the incline was set at random level 2 and didn't get over a 2.9. But it was still amazing and fantastic just to feel like running again.

There is something going around Greenville apparently. Several other G'town bloggers are also reporting being down with colds. My answer: pomegranate juice. Get the stuff with blueberry if you can find it, there's more anti-oxidents. This stuff is like OJ times 1000 for it's effectiveness. My chiropractor got me turned on to it a couple of years ago. He actually has cured colds for me several times just with adjustments. But this time I just went with the pomegranate juice.

And I've got to give some serious props to See Bride Run. Small changes make all the difference in the world of weight. For example, my youngest daughter wasn't gaining weight fast enough to even be on those percentage charts for weight/height/head things that the pediatricians use. She was 40% in height, and 45% in head size, but her weight was at -3%. Apparently 16 month old happy babies are supposed to weigh more than 16 lbs. So we switched her from the reduced fat cheese we normally buy for ourselves to the full fat cheese. This was ok'd by the doctor first, along with a couple of other small things going from reduced fat to full fat. And after only gaining <1 lbs in 3 months, she gained 1/2 lb in 3 weeks between weigh ins. The doctor was happy. She's still not on the chart, but the doctor is happy.

Oatmeal is a staple runner's fuel. I made a small change starting tuesday. I switched my normal morning cherios or other breakfast cereal to one of Caitlin's oatmeal recipes. It cut my 400ish calorie breakfast down to about 180 calories. And yesterday at the gym I weighed in at 201!!!!!!! (insert trumpets blaring here and general fanfare) This is the kind of thing I have been waiting for! A small change can make a big difference. What kind of small changes can you make to speed up a small goal? I'm going to be under 200 lbs next week I bet just from this one small change.

I'm teaching out at Spartanburg Community College today and it's a rest day anyway. Long run coming on saturday, so have a great weekend!


Girl on Top said...

So it seems you know lots about these expensive I just had to comment back after reading that!

As far as making changes, it is definitely true. Even for a thin person, I have to make healthy choices because if I eat junk all the time, well then I wouldn't be thin, would I now?

And great job on the weight loss!

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

glad my recipes helped!!!