Monday, October 6, 2008

Prostitutes Welcome

So Saturday marks 20 weeks exactly until the MB Marathon so we started our 20 week training program. Wifey and I both did an 8 mile run on saturday, she did it in the gym on the treadmill so she could use the zero incline, and I pulled out the old road route (more on that later).

We call the kids Bigun and Littleun (southern for Little One). They are 3 and 1 years old respectively, and are some of the cutest kids you will ever see as evidenced below

That's me with the girls last month at a picnic at the park. Yes, they are adorable. Thanks!

So bigun came home from kindergarten the other day with some kind of bug. and I don't mean an insect. Something has wreaked havoc with my apparently depleted immune system. These things take 3 days to grab hold of you, and my run saturday was full of strange pains and annoyances. I did get some new running shoes from Run In with fresh arch supports and pronation correction. So I chalked up the new pains to that. I still covered 8 miles in about 95 minutes, or just over an 11 minute pace. So I felt pretty good about that. But then sunday I did not feel good about anything.

Supposedly, we were to run 3 miles sunday, rest today, and run 3 miles tomorrow to recover from the long run saturday. Wifey did it fine. Actually, she has to be up and going early on tuesday so she did her second 3 mile run today. I have been curled up in a blanket playing the part of a pile of mush on the couch for 2 days. I guess that's one way to recover from a long run.

I am so excited about the start of the marathon training plan it's not even funny! This. Will. Be. Awe. Some! It got Katie Approval the other night, and she sent me another spreadsheet to log bike and swim miles/times. I'll eventually get the plan into a jpg and push it up here. Being a programmer, I'll also see if I can rebuild her spreadsheet with more calculations I used to be more of an excel junkie than I am now, but there's still a few tricks up these old sleeves.

So a while back I mentioned that 90% of the street corners in Greenville contain churches? Sometimes living in the bible belt can provide some humor. That's the truth, there are like 3 churches for every woman here. And if you don't attend one regularly you are some kind of outcast leper. We don't attend a church regularly because I can't find one that isn't filled with ultra-conservative judgemental bastards. I'll go when I can find church people that don't make me want to punch them in the throat, Wifey and I are both baptized Christians. And Bigun goes to kindergarten at a church a few miles from the house.

But on my 8 mile run saturday, on only 2 roads I went past about 12 churches. One of them had a marquee with flashing text that made me laugh so hard I had to walk for a while. Somebody put way to much thought into attracting new members to make them non-lepers. Even at a running pace I couldn't read them all, but someone used alliteration to make the point that we are all sinners and everyone is welcome. Dad's Welcome, Drug addicts welcome. Mom's welcome, fat people welcome ..... and on down the line. Some of the funnier ones were alcholics, prostitutes, drug addicts, pedofiles, necropheliacs, podiatrists.... and they all started with the same letter or rhymed with something "normal". That's my kind of church. Give me your sex addicts and crackheads, they're just like us!

I'm going to throw a before and after pic of Wifey and the Girls because I just stumbled across these earlier today. The before pic is from 6/15/2007. Wifey started weight watchers 9/26/2007, so with her one year anniversary recently passed (she's a lifetime member now) I thought it would be appropriate:

This is from last month playing with the girls out on the front porch. Pretty amazing, huh? I'm really proud of her for sticking with it for the entire year. Now our dietary approach has completely changed. She's still losing weight, and I still can't break 200 lbs.

I think I'm going to keep a dietary log this week just to see if I can figure out what I should watch for.

It's also cool to see how much the girls have grown in a year.

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Girl on Top said...

I totally got the hours wrong for Myrtle Beach so it would actually take me about 6 hrs to drive up for it. So I'm thinking about it, but not so sure. All that driving the night before the marathon might not be a good idea. I am thinking about the Snickers Marathon in Albany, GA on March 7. That gives me extra time to train and also is only about 3 hours away from here.

I am excited to train for a marathon too. And I haven't even ran my half yet. I think it's just having a plan and a goal that gets me psyched. But good luck with training!

And your wife looks awesome!!!