Monday, October 27, 2008

11 down, 12 to go

Why do I always forget about nipple chafing until it's too late? OUCH!

So there's tons of good news to report on today. We had a garage sale saturday and took in some extra spending cash, more than I was expecting! Then I took off for my 11 mile run. Wifey did hers friday, and just reported that it was a heck of a long way. So I was ready to roll.

I split it up into 2 segments. It was raining until the football games were on, so I went to the gym to use the treadmill and watch football. We've got to set some priorities here, there's only 3 or 4 games left in the college football season for most teams. The treadmills only let you program for one hour, so I figured I would do 5.5 miles, reset the counters and do another 5.5 miles. The first block went by pretty good. I hit 3.1 miles (5k) in under 30 mins which I've never done before. So now I'm looking for a 5k race to PR at. I hit the 5 mile mark at just over the time for the Ache Around the Lake race, and finished the 5.5 mile block in just over 53 minutes. Not too bad! I burned 790 calories during that one, and most of the time my speed was set at 6.5. I slowed it down to a 3.8 walking pace only twice.

While I was waiting for the machine to reset the counters I did a little bit of stretching just to stay warm. Then it was back on that horse for another 5.5. This one took 59 minutes and 810 calories. I stretched the speed up to 6.7 for quite a while, but had to walk more too. Still, I ran the entire last 2.5 miles at a 6.7 so I wouldn't have to reset the counters again when they hit 60 mins. That means I did most of my walking early in the segment, so I had energy to finish strong. Not exactly a negative split, but I'm ok with that.

Still, 11 miles in 112 minutes is just over a 10 minute pace and I burned 1600 calories. Holy crap, that's not bad. And while some nipple chafing crept in towards the end, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was during the 8 mile and 9 mile runs from a couple of weeks ago. Still, I have got to remember the band-aids for next week's 12 miler. This stuff doesn't play.

Then yesterday we had to go to a family reunion in Charlotte that took all day. Why do they always plan these things during Pather's home football games? So the drive was a bitch, the girls were screaming most of the time, but we all had a great time while we were there. Wifey's dad always drools over the girls which is wonderful. This time he actually told us that we couldn't leave as long as he was holding Littleun. Like she was ransom or something. He's nuts and so much fun. Everybody was glad to see us, and it was great to hang out with those folks for a bit. But I was standing for way too long after an 11 mile run the day before.

So today the lactic acid has really set in. My quads are really sore, hams and glutes are feeling some age. My feet were killing me by the end of the reunion and they still hurt some. Ankles and knees are ok, calf muscles are pretty sore. Most of the family was blown away that we were training for a marathon, so they excused the picky food choices and constant need to sit down.

Work is busting chops today. But the next post has fuel updates & an anniversary question. no time left today! I weighed in at 196 at the gym saturday, 2 lbs down from tuesday's weigh in! How exciting! I think I've found a food pattern that works pretty well. More details to come.


Marcy said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize your wife was also training! Dang! That's really cool. At least you guys understand each other ;-) My husband always asks " WHY do you do this to yourself?! You walk around like you have a stick up your butt the day after a long run" LOL

the gazelle said...

congrats on the sub-30 5K! woo!

Girl on Top said...

I do need to put my gadgets on the left side. But that's why I took away the blog roll because it was overwhelming me seeing all those blogs so now I just follow a bunch and I mean a whole bunch of them. Okay, I know I'm lame.

Great job on the long run and all on a treadmill. Crazy! Funny thing too is that when I run on the treadmill and I watch sports, I run like crazy. Maybe because I'm into it and all and I think I'm a football/tennis/soccer (whatever sport I'm watching) player. And that's lame that you burn so many calories for your long run. I burn a measly 759 calories (rough estimate) for my 10 miler!

What's your wifey's blog? I'm going to follow it too. They should actually call it stalking :)

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

awesome for running 11 miles!

and re: your weight loss: OHMIGOD!!! AWESOME!! I'm so happy for you!

Wes said...

Very nice 11 miler!! You might want to think about rolling out your legs. When I first started getting up in mileage, my legs were so sore, and cramping. Rolling them really helped!!

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm getting caught up, but am still way behind. I feel like I need the cliff notes version of you. Ha!

Oh, for some reason blogger is showing your posts pushed waaaay down on the page. Not sure why, but I read you through a feed anyway.