Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Carlin did a routine on being *sick* that was hysterical. I'm reminded of this one run into my marathon training program by getting **sick** and a bad case of the blah's. The body pain started on saturday, but I blamed that on the run. I should have been a better listener. The sinuses started on sunday. Monday night I lost my voice. Now this is particularly bad timing because I have to teach a class at Spartanburg Community College on friday. It's only a one day class, but it will still be difficult to whisper through if I have no voice. No voice on Tuesday, which meant no phone calls from the office in Atlanta. That was a nice break. They tend to leave me alone to write code anyway, but it was a nice piece of mind. And I made some serious progress on this big project due COB Thursday.

So sun, mon, tues with no workouts really. I did take a nice, lazy ride on the bike around the 'hood here last night after work. It was such a cool evening, and just a nice time to be outside enjoying the fall in Greenville. I did maybe 5 miles, about 20 minutes, and barely broke a sweat. I wasn't trying to work through anything serious.

So now it's Wednesday morning, I still have no voice, my sinuses are really stuffy, and the head is about half swimmy. It's fun writing code with about half a brain. The good part about being sick is that the body's natural response is to focus on removing the bacteria or virus matter that is causing the sickness, not focusing on satisfying addiction. So even with no exercise the nicotine demons are still at bay. I'll know I'm over the cold when I start having cravings again.

I think today will be the day! This stuff started breaking up some early this morning. If everything goes well, I'll try to get back onto a run this afternoon and hopefully get back on the training schedule tomorrow.

But, I did get the training plan into a jpg:

email me if you want a copy in excel.

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Girl on Top said...

Sorry to hear it. Hope you feel better soon!