Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It feels good to be a Gangsta

So apparently the last post not too much was funny? THAT was funny? Come on now, people. Ok, I'll admit that was a pretty good one. But I was boldly reminded by several friends what was left off of the "what makes me gay" list. So I have to add these amendments:

  • Favorite Movie = When Harry Met Sally. Even our home email address is babyfishmouth at worldnet dot att dot net, we've had it since 1998 and it is a reference to that movie. Name that scene, anyone?
  • Working from home allows me to watch "The View" and several soap operas daily. Days was already in the middle of a big murder whodunnit when they killed off the town mayor? are you kidding me? Fantastic stuff for a gay man. We also TiVo All My Children. I feel like a housewife with a job.
  • The Biggest Loser makes me cry. Every episode, every time. even last night (did you see it? holy crap, Colleen!)
  • From Stu at the office: I know youre gay because when I asked if you played an instrument you offered to give me the rusty trombone

That boy's not right in the head. Web designers, I swear. Neither is Wes. He and I are both IT consultants, so I kind of expected that. But he really takes the "man" parts out of "gay man" because he has a "soft soul" and can't fix up his own house. Of course, in a couple of days he's going to replace "gay" with "iron" when he steps up on Ironman Florida. So I'll help you out with the house if you can help me train for ironman in 2010. At least with some motivation. I'll be behind you the whole way out there (insert gay chuckle here).

The final verdict is that I love boobies too much to really be gay. Ah......... Boobies......... and, you, know, the wife and kids. they are all girls too. Even the dalmation and stray cat that won't leave our house are both girls. So I'm surrounded by estrogen all day, every day.

And eventually I'm going to have to write a "100 things about me" segment you see on so many blogs. You can bet some of these will be on there.

And I'm now a Gangsta of Code. My boss is back from the trade show in Texas with at least one closed sale! This is very exciting yeah! but it has to integrate with some other software that I haven't written yet boo. So I've got thousands of lines of code to write for multiple projects for multiple clients that are all waiting on something to get finished. By halloween -- next friday. Oh crap. Looks like it's nose to the grindstone time.

Nah, I'm not going to do that. BPD (Bipolar Posting Disorder) is creeping back in. For the upswing, I did make it for a workout yesterday (trumpets blaring)! After 5 rest days in a row to let the shins heal up and catch up on work, I jumped back onto the marathon training plan with an hour on the elliptical at the gym. This was supposed to be a 6 mile long run on saturday. But I figured for my normal 10 min pace that an hour of solid cardio would accomplish the same task with no impact on the knees, ankles or shins. Tha stats: 7.2 miles, 723 calories, 62 minutes including cooldown. I didn't get a good heartrate reading from the machine. I'm not really "feeling" elliptical today. It just doesn't make me sweat as much as running outside or on the treadmill do.

Today is cross training, I think I will bike it to/from the gym and lift weights for about 30 mins while i'm there. Then tomorrow is a 5 mile run to warm up for Saturday's 11 mile long run. That will be my first foray into double digit milage, and any advice or memories you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Instead of 11 miles on saturday, I was hoping to do either the Leaf Tour Ride or maybe the Spinx Run Fest half marathon. But I can't decide between those two, so I'll just run my 11 and be happy with that. The leaf tour should be fantastic if any of you are in the area and want to try it. It's a free ride from the Greenville Spinners Bike Club. I think I will join the spinners once the marathon is over and I'm back into tri mode. And when I ran the Greenville Tri in august I was talking smack to some new friends about running the Spinx Half. Watch, they are going to show up and I backed out. At least I haven't seen them since the tri. But I don't want to push the milage past what my plan has laid out, that's how people get injured.

'Til friday, see you on the road!


Girl on Top said...

That is definitely how people get injured.

Okay, okay. That first part was funny :)

As for Lipstick Jungle, it's so so good. I like Brooke. Maybe you're intimidated by her go-getter attitude? JK. No offense. But Niko is so dang hot, I don't know why you won't watch it. And that little boytoy of hers...Kirby...oh he's something else!

Anyways, the park that I think will be closest to her is Pinckneyville Park. It is in a good area with businesses around it. As far as morning, I don't know how it is though and how many people are there.

Also, here's a link for her:

Which 5k is she doing?

Marcy said...

And I thought my husband had it bad with me and the girls. Just wait til they grow up and their cycles start to sync with your wife's. PMS hell for you Mr HAHAHAHAHAHAAA.

the gazelle said...

I think you're girlier than I am! :) I never watch soaps, or the View, or Oprah. I prefer all Discovery all the time when I'm home! (Although I do love When Harry Met Sally.)

Suzy said...

Great blog. Amazing story you have and journey you are on!
I am adding you to my running blogs!

P.O.M. said...

Ha ha. So funny. My big strong boyfriend LOVES chick flicks and CRIES at movies ALL the time. I love dark comedies and never cry at movies.