Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Tough Broad

You may or maynot realize just how tough Wifey is. She eats pieces of shit like you for breakfast (she eats shit for breakfast?). No, but really her diet is mostly nails and old tires. it's weight watchers approved! This girl is so tough when she does pushups, her body doesn't raise up, she pushes the earth down. She's so tough she doesn't have to open doors, they actively try to get out of her way.

All jokes aside, it's really amazing the pain threshold she can take sometimes. and this is not of my doing. For instance, she went into labor with Evil Genius and drove herself to the hospital. What? The hospital is 20 minutes away, contractions were 15 minutes apart and she drove herself to the hospital after being in labor for 5 hours already. EG came 4 weeks early so we thought it was brackston/hicks and she was going to be sent home. oops. So this is one tough broad we're talking about here.

But this one even makes me wonder. Monday she was trying to clean up some (first mistake, the kids always destroy a clean room like it's a new challenge) and walked into one of their toys, a wooden sliding board. The same one that Morgan decorated for Christmas. But this time she broke the 4th toe on her left foot. It turned blue pretty quickly, and swelled up pretty good. She did not go see a doctor (or even the chiropractor), but she did stop cleaning. She did not put ice on it even after I suggested it. She did call around some to figure out what to do. There's not much you can do for a broken toe. Ice it, elevate the leg, and stay off the foot for a couple of days. Add a cotton ball and tape it to the next toe for stability. Supposedly, it heals quickly but you just have to let it heal. but there's nothing else you can do.

And now for the amazing part: She hasn't missed a beat. She's also fighting a cold this week and feels pretty drab. Still chasing those kids around. Still cooking every night. I mean she hasn't let a single ball drop. She's even still planning to run the half marathon on saturday? WHAT? Can you run a half marathon with a broken toe? I have no idea. But the truth is that we can't get her entry fee back, and she's going to be really happy having my folks keep the kids friday night. So if she takes 5 steps into the race and goes back to the car it's no loss. But it's the only half we have planned before our full mary next year, so she says she's going to try and run the whole thing! DUDE! that's an iron woman if I've ever seen one. So do you think she can do it? not should she do it, but can she do it?

I have another pain related question for you, gentle interwebbers. Wifey's mom has become inspired to start walking every day. She just got new running shoes to combat some foot pain and it hasn't gone away. But the pain is on the top of her right foot, sort of towards the inside. With new shoes not helping it any, I can't figure out what the source of the pain is, or how to treat it. Any ideas? She's only walking, not jogging or running. So I don't think it's impact related. I'm stumped. And I should be pretty good at figuring out pain by now.

My 19 mile treadmill run Sunday took some time to show the repercussions. But it's wednesday morning, I did some yoga today, and I'm finally starting to feel ok again. I had muscle soreness which was expected, but the left shin pain and right knee pain took until yesterday to appear. I also think they went away overnight. And I can highly recommend a product! Bengay Pain Patches. I picked up a box last night, and one patch totally took care of the knee thing. It's very flexible, and stayed put all night long. very cool.

So I'm glad to be feeling good again after a few tough days. I mean, my tough days are nothing like Wifey's tough days. Even Evil Genius rolled herself over one of Bigun's large balls, and split her bottom lip wide open from faceplanting on the hardwoods. Poor thing, bless her heart. But everyone seems to be ok now.

I should also mention Wifey comes by her pain tolerance honestly. Her step-father walked into the living room one day, told Wifey and her sister that he was having a heart attack and going to the hospital, and for them to find their mother and meet him there. Now that's a tough dude, to drive himself to the hospital while having his first heart attack. Don't mention the safety issues behind that. He's had 2 other heart attacks since then and did not drive himself to the hospital, and is actually pretty healthy today.

Oh, and since it's new years eve, have a great holiday tomorrow! I was assigned a task many weeks ago that I still have not completed, and could use help from any fellow Greenvillians reading today. My task was to find a New Year's Eve party that Wifey could wear a dress to. So something kinda fancy. I haven't found anything yet. So I'm running out of time. I also haven't found a babysitter. So this carolina boy might just be in the doghouse tonight.

I LOVE New Year's day. Moreso than new year's eve, the day is the thing. I'll post some thoughts on new year's tomorrow. I'm actually going to work all day tomorrow and friday, even though the office is mostly closed. I missed too much time last week thanks to all of that holiday travel. And my freakin laptop crashed. The one I work from. A few viruses found me, and the removal of said viruses broke too much of my coding software. So I had to format and reinstall everything. Took all day wednesday, friday, and saturday, and a good chunck of monday. I'm still trying to get a few things back. But this is when it's good to be an IT guy. Physician, heal thyself. And tomorrow I can sit here and write code while the football games are on the tv. I might even drink a beer or two?

Look for the Clemson/Nebraska bowl game tomorrow at 1 eastern. Clemson is only about a 45 minute drive from the house, so it's the local favorite college and I'm a big fan of their football program. So Go Tigers tomorrow!


Nick said...

I had some pain like your MOL a while back. Switched to a think sock for winter running which made my shoes too tight (no tie yankz laces). Make sure her shoes are a) the right size and b) roomy when she starts her walk. Her feet will swell a little during the walk so she should make sure there's room for it.

the gazelle said...

I think your iron-wife could finish a half on a broken toe if she wants to, as long as she knows that it will likely delay healing & make cause some permanent damage. (I also think she should go to a doctor AFTER the half just to make sure that everything is aligned & will heal correctly.)

Sarah said...

My thoughts -
Great song reference.

Where were you that the wife had to drive herself to the hospital? Seriously?!

She's amazing! I bet she can change a tire too.

Good luck with NYE.

Wes said...

I suppose if wifey can stand the pain of 13.1 miles, she can do the half marathon.

There are a couple of things for MIL. There are veins that run along the top of the foot. When you cut off the blood flow because your shoes are too tight, it can hurt. Also, there are nerves between the bones. She could be experiencing some nerve pain from that. Unfortunately, the only cure for THAT one is surgery!

Happy New Year!! If you can't find a party, you and wifey should just have your own!!


healthy ashley said...

Awww, I hope you're wife gets over the cold and broken toe. She's tough!

I wish I could help out on the foot pain issue..

19 miles on a treadmill sounds CRAZY!! Good for you! I'm sure you were a little sore after that!

Here's to lots of miles in a great 2009!