Friday, December 12, 2008

Nice and Clean

(to be sung like a B.B. King song)

The 'stache is gone! Baby the 'stache is gone!

It feels good to be clean again. I'm sure I'll have a pic soon, couldn't get one this morning. But last night I did get to hang out with Morgan some and fix his PC, we did have a good laugh. And then I shaved the face clean. The sideburns had to go too. Sometimes, I'll have longish sideburns, but today they just felt dirty.

The mustache actually made me FEEL like a pervert. It affected my psyche in strange and twisted ways. I was craving tank tops and chewing tobacco. I wanted to put a hatchet in my belt and go ask the school down the road if they needed any substitute teachers. I was searching for an El Camino. I mean, that's just not right.

Do you guys skype? it's the main way I communicate with the office in atlanta and the clients that are all over the country. It's such an easy way to video call people, it's just like having a face to face conversation. Too cool. Yesterday, I had my boss and a few others on a skype call in the conference room at the office, and I actually saw how hard they were laughing. The boss was doubled over slapping the table. In the CR, they use an overhead projector as the computer monitor, so there was my smiling mug with 'stache on an 8' screen feeding them some of the lines from your comments. Needless to say, the goal was accomplished.

How could I (eye) yes I forget about Gay Porn Star?!? Something about that mustache had me channelling gay porn stars from 30 years ago. Gaaaa~!

The best laughs came from Marcy and Viper, so they are the contest winners. The prize is the last two Slow Runner CD's. I will mail them if you want to provide a shipping address, or I'll email you a link to download the MP3's. Of course, Slow Runner has a few songs up on their MySpace page if you want to check them out. Yes, I'm shamelessly promoting my brother's band again. Mermaids and Shiv had a limited distribution, but the album before those (No Dissasemble) had a large scale nationwide release by a major record label. You can buy their stuff on iTunes, there's a Slow Runner channel on Pandora, and the whole thing is kind of a big deal. I'm just a little proud.

I liked Sarah's comment too, it made me laugh, but the office folks not so much, so she get's the mp3's too. I'm surprised nobody threw in on the movie names. The first block came from Office Space - Diedrich Bader's character. The next few about Mister Zero were from When Harry Met Sally. Those were pretty obvious. The "who wants to go for a mustache ride" quote is from Super Troopers, a small time cop flick from Broken Lizard. It's one of the funniest things to watch if you're not sober. I love me some movies, and am always dropping obscure quotes into normal conversation. Wifey scares me sometimes with her obscure movie knowledge.

My software was actually installed at the first client's office yesterday, and they actually liked it! Whoot! Needless to say, that was a HUGE deadline that had me coding and testing until midnight too often this week. That's why I still have no fitness news to report.

I do need some assitance from the Greenville folks, though. I'm supposed to run 18 miles for the long run on saturday, and there is no college football this weekend. That makes the treadmill deadly boring. So I need a route. I've got a 9 mile route that I could run twice, but I'd rather find a loop to run once. Although the 9 mile route would let me refill the Camelback halfway through. hmmm. So I'm not sure what to do there. I'm also not sure that I can run 18 miles on saturday when I haven't run since last saturday's 17 mile long run. Just some cross training and Yoga. Wifey has to do it too. And her dad's coming into town for a visit this weekend. So it's going to be fun.

So have a great weekend! Evil Genius has been into some seriously evil stuff lately. Yesterday she threw popcorn on the floor, then yanked my sweater off of my back and drug it through the popcorn. Pure evil. She is, however, underweight. At 19 months old she only weighs just over 17 lbs. The ped is getting really concerned, and it's starting to bother me too. So without introducing Evil to true evil (McDonald's) how can we pack some pounds on that kid? How do you get your kids to eat? She's a grazer, so she's always stuffing something into her mouth. Typically, she'll throw her dinner on the floor, then get Bigun distracted and go eat Bigun's plate. Then later come back to eat her original dinner off of the floor. And she's still underweight. I'm running out of ideas here. And yes, we're just that lazy.


Jess said...

A 'stache definitely says "I drive a white van with no windows, and I have a bag full of candy for you kiddo." Glad you shaved it.

Wes said...

Long runs are they "key", so get out there and get it done. Speed and time don't matter. When training for IM, I did a six mile loop three times so I could refill. It weren't so bad.

Great job on the install! Have a fantastic weekend!

Viper said...

I love when I win. Thanks for the download links. Glad to hear you're no longer touching children inappropriately.

Sarah said...

Glad you got rid of it before you acted on your strange new urges!

Marcy said...

LMAO at Viper!

YAY! I'm so happy to win! Whoot! Thanks homie!

And thank God you got rid of it :P

RBR said...

Hoo! I have had my head up my a## for the last few weeks, so I missed the caption contest, but I don't think I could have done any better. "Drywall at the McDonald's"? HILARIOUS!

I hear you on wanting a one loop run. Easier on me mentally during a long run. I am the queen of getting lost so I always do out and back. Nine miles out and nine miles back. Get'r done!

Choose somewhere pretty/interesting and bring a camera. That always distracts me! Have a great run!