Friday, December 5, 2008

Holidays are here

Well, the holiday decorations are up. It's great to see the house come alive during the christmas season. And I've got it in pictures! This one is the whole fam around the tree. This was at 10:30 am, so you can tell which side of the family is dressed :) and that lopsided Charlie Brown star just cracks me up.

The girls with the stockings -- our fireplace is downstairs for santa's visit, so we hung the stockings on the hall tree this year. I think there's something humorous there. Plus those poses make them look like rap stars. Don't call it a comeback, they been there for years, rockin the peers and puttin suckers in fears. watchin the tears come down like a monsoon, listen to the bass go boom! (mama said knock you out?)

Morgan came by to help out, and his employment prospects are looking up! He's got a second interview this week for a great accounting job. Here he has just helped Bigun decorate her sliding board with colored lights. She gives it the big thumbs up! If you haven't seen Morgan's YouTube video contribution to the crumbling standards of american cluture you should give it a watch. Dippin and Cussin is a riot! He made it with Michael in Charleston.

Then Evil Genius decided to put on a strip show during dinner. I still can't figure out how the veg got on her chest with her arms tied up like that. But you have to admit it's a creative way to get out of eating your vegetables. And it's both evil (no veg) and genius. Bwahahaha.....


I've been leaving home to workout extremely late this week. like 8:30 pm after getting the younguns to bed. but wednesday I got in a fantastic weightlifting session. I am so sore for the first time in months! It was a really, really bad day at work. I had a huge, uncontrollable nicotine craving start about 2 pm. by 4:30 I was hitting the scotch trying to make it through the workday. Then after dinner, bathtime for the girls, and getting them down for the night I made it to the gym. About halfway through the weightlifting, the craving went away and I was able to act like a human again.

Last night was also late. I made it to the gym about 9 pm, and ran 7 miles on the treadmill. Just took it easy, walked whenever I felt like it. but it did work a lot of the lactic acid out of the muscles from the weightlifting. So it was a good run. But I like to be in bed by about 10 pm, not getting home from the gym at 10:45 like last night. ouch.

Weightlifting isn't as important (I don't think) until I really get back into tri training mode next year. But it sure felt good to take out some agression after a really bad day at the office. And I really wanted to get some ab work in to start trying to bring out the 6 pack again. I've been keeping it well insulated in the fridge for to many years now. And I guessed with my steadily declining waistline it should be making a return appearance this summer.

So are there any races this weekend? Good luck if you've got one. I've got a 17 mile long run planned for saturday. I don't know if there will be (or if there will ever be) enough football on tv to run 17 miles on the treadmill. Gotta figure that one out today.


Wes said...

What purrrty girls you have!! They were fertilized in a dish right? Are you SURE they are yours? :-) ROFL!!!

Awesome family bro!! You have fun with that 17 miler this weekend. I quit smoking too during Ironman training. I was only a 5-6 smokes a day person, but I understand the urge. It's mind over matter, bro!!! You don't need any props.

Jess said...

Your girls are too cute and it looks like they were having fun getting into the holiday festivities!

17 miles on the treadmill, yikes! Hope you can find a way to entertain yourself lol!

Sarah said...

Cute cute pics. Keep up the great work on fighting the urges. I can't even imagine how hard that must be but you are really doing awesome.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I wish all you blogger people lived closer so you could come out for the ride!!!

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys have a lot of fun together.

healthy ashley said...

I love the family photo! You all are beautiful!

Good luck to Morgan on the job search!

Marcy said...

LMAO the second photo DEF looks like some rap poses going on. Who knows maybe they'll make you a couple mil with their rap skillz hehe. Too cute!

Ryan said...

So how the 17 miler go?


I wimped out this morning from my 20, only did 10....but they were REALLY fast and I am going to do 15 more in the morning.