Saturday, December 20, 2008

Off to holiday

It's a bright saturday morning here in Greenville, SC. It is currently 59 deg outside and sunny, although there was fog here earlier that is slowly wearing off. It's supposed to get into the high 60's today, and I'm about to have a really cool weekend.

I've actually got Wifey talked into running outside this morning. Her folks are here to keep the kids for the weekend. We're going to run 13 miles in about an hour using the same route I used last weekend.

Then it's off to Atlanta for the AAI Holiday party. Should be a good time. They are putting us up at a really fancy hotel. Us and one other guy from Floriday are the only ones coming from out of town. We've got 4 guys in New Orleans, one in Texas, and 4 other guys in Floriday that bailed. slackers. i'm looking forward to drinking heavily and talking shit with Coach Stu about swimming.

Coach Stu is going to be swimming the B2B Half on a relay team with Sarah! How AWESOME is that? toeing the starting line for my first half iron with one of my closest friends is going to be amazing. And since he's only doing the swim, and he's also a semi-pro photographer, he's going to bring his shiny new super expensive Nikon c300 and snap pics of me and sarah for the rest of the time.

I call him Coach Stu because he's my coach. But he makes a living as a web designer for the same company I work for. He's been coaching swimming, basketball, and baseball off and on for the last 20 years. And he's been getting paid to take pictures for longer than that. Stu's a really interesting cat, and if you get the chance to hang out with him around atlanta, tell him I said Hi.

So tomorrow we get to drive back from Atlanta hopefully not too hungover, and Mendy and I are meeting up with some other friends of hers for a bike ride around Donaldson center, a local small airport here. I've never ridden donaldson, but it's really flat and has one long road that is the most popular bike route in town. It's basically a big cirlcle. we're staring down a 1.5 hr ride.

So that's going to be a fun weekend, right? whoot! see you monday. I'll have some party pics to post, and stats from the run & ride.


Sarah said...

Have a good weekend!!

Rural Girl said...

That does sound like a good weekend. Enjoy!

ThickChick said...

Wahoo! Have fun!

And did I just read that you and Wifey plan to do 13 miles in 1 hour? Haha, you are much faster than you lead on! =)

Sarah said...

It's going to be a blast!! Can't wait!!!