Thursday, July 4, 2013

Garden Goodness

I think we've found the right part of the yard to build a garden.  The muscadine vines are doing great this year, and we're starting to see some fruit form.  But the veggies are taking off like I haven't seen since we lived in SC!  The proof is in the pictures.

The whole thing.  Vines are doing great, and veg is exploding!

We've already got one green tomato as big as my hand!

More growing toms

The squash has completely taken over this basil and the peppers.  Last year they didn't grow at all.

Jalepeno plant is 4' tall already and has one pepper ready to pick.  Fresh Japs FTW!

I've got a few Habanero peppers growing too.  I'm really hoping for a good Hab crop. I've never tried growing those before.

So many squash flowers, soon we should see some fruits forming.

tiny little grapes.  These will be full grown muscadines if I give the vines the 2 gallons of water a day that they need.
I'm already planning for next year.  We need to make this bed wider and raised, and make it as long as the muscadines vine trellis.  I need to segment it more too, the squash and zucchini have taken over the entire space.  The soil amendments we added this year worked great, so we'll keep adding compost to it over the winter too.  It gets enough sunlight and rainfall to be a great location for a garden though, so that's quite a relief.  We're going to end up with a great crop this year.

One more pic of the whole thing


Lisa said...

Your garden looks like it's doing well. Where I live, the peppers (green chile, jalapenos, habenero, etc grow like crazy). This year I tried an heirloom tomato in addition to my romas and some volunteer cherries, and the heirlooms are flowering but not setting fruit. Turns out it is too hot in NM right now for the pollen to be viable. Who knew?!?

Lisa said...
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Alecia Taylor said...

That's an awesome garden! Ours turned out terrible this year. I don't think the soil in our raised bed is any good and I think we picked a bad location for it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - I can't believe how much it has grown in the last 2 weeks! I loved having a garden when I was growing up. I tried do a patio garden last year but it didn't work out, so I am planning to hit up some local farmers markets to fill the fresh veggie void.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Nice! I love having fresh vegetables! I am also growing tomatoes and squash (as well as cucumbers, basil, beets, radishes and green beans). My brother grows Habanero, Diablo, Serrano and Jalapeno peppers so I just go and steal them from him. Last year I made a really good hot sauce from the Diablo/Habaneros!