Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun on the 4th

Yes I am a total loser and just now publishing what we did for the 4th of July.  Don't judge me I'm in the middle of ironman training.

We had an unusually social 4th of july!  Got a few cute pics of it too. Of course my favorite thing to do for a holiday is a nice long workout, but I actually only got in a run.  But luckily it was on the treadmill, and 12 seconds into my run my good friend Jessica showed up!  We talked and ran together for almost an hour.  I got in a nice easy 7 miles and since I'm usually running alone it made it so much nicer to have someone to chat with.

That 7 miler had to be followed by some of this:
Evil Genius didn't want to have her picture taken
relaxing in the hammock with the girls.  That naturally led to this:

falling asleep in the shade with a Justin Bieber pillow and EG.  Because everyone sleeps better with Bieber. 

Thursday July 4 marked the first time since Labor Day 2012 that I've gotten a paid holiday.  The biggest reason I changed jobs again is because IBM wouldn't convert me from a contractor to a full time employee until next spring.  I couldn't go through the Ironman and the holidays with no vacation days again, so I had to jump ship.  This was my first four day weekend in almost a year, and it was glorious. A couple more fun pics:

Bigun and Kaileigh, our niece

After the afternoon nap, we wanted to get together with some friends, so Kelley started making pizzas and people started showing up.  Kayte and Shawn and the kids came by, and beers were drank and laughs were had.  The kids had a blast, and we all had some amazing pizza.

Then later we went over to Gary and Jenny's place to shoot off fireworks and drink more beer.  Southern style.  I was enjoying the cheap stuff, as I tend to do on the summer holidays.  We blew some shit up, and it was fantastic.

The rest of the weekend was pretty normal.  Friday was a rest day so we just had some fun with the family.  And Saturday and sunday had the normal 70 mile ride and 15 mile run, respectively.  Ironman training was going strong and I got plenty of rest and relaxation.  For a first long weekend, I was really pleased.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the hammock picture with the Bieber pillow!! Too cute.

I didn't see any big fireworks on the 4th, which was a big change as we usually set off big ones at my parents' lake home. I was in the DC area but we didn't want to deal with the crowds so didn't go in for their big show. Hopefully I will see fireworks some other time this summer!

Viper said...

Ha! Love the Winnie Cooper T-shirt. Sounds like a relaxing time. Cheers!

Colleen said...

Yay for great holiday weekends! And I totally love your shirt!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That sounds like a great weekend full of friends and fun and fitness! It's nice when you have the time to fit it all in. I was in Oregon for the 4th and we decided to stay in and play cards rather than trying to fight the crowds!