Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't call him old, call him Incredible!

John Pendergrass contacted me about helping him promote his book, and this is the kind of story that I jumped on with passion.  John started running triathlons at age 60, and ended up completing 6 ironman races on 6 different continents, all after age 60.  This book is solid inspiration with all of the struggles and challenges normally faced by someone that age trying to do this crazy stuff.

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Against the Odds is a fantastic retelling of the challenges of Ironman. John has to handle a lot of logistics.  When you start with the premise of doing an ironman on six different continents you know it's not going to be easy. Throw on top of that maintaining an active physicians practice and his age and the task becomes monumental.

The really refreshing part of this book is the candidness that Dr Pendergrass approaches the reader with.  His writing makes him seem very approachable, like anybody you would happen to talk to at any other race. 

Any 6 time Ironman is going to end up with plenty of stories to tell.  The way they unfold in here will keep you guessing.  From seeing the Great Wall in China to Brazil and Switzerland, New Zealand and South Africa, it always seems to come together.  And when it comes together at the finish line you know that takes something special.  I won't spoil what happens in China, but it's pretty intense.

Seriously, you need to add this one to the Amazon wish list or order a copy today.  It's a great read!  It's not a "how to train for Ironman" book, but more of a "how I really did it" book.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My friend Kelly also read this book and raved about it. She said he is an excellent story teller and said avid travelers will love it, so i need to check it out!