Monday, February 11, 2013

That week got busy!

I missed my normal thursday post, sorry about that.  REALLY didn't mean to leave that giant picture of my fat belly in a blue speedo up at the top of the blog all week.  That needs to go away.  Ironman training week 1 - warmup week 1 is in the books and now I'm squarely into warmup week 2.  Since the race is on a saturday I'm starting my training weeks new each saturday.  Unfortunately the tracking software I'm using for the Cast Iron club starts the weeks on Monday, so I've got this:

That's a perfect warmup week.  Saturday and Sunday had bricks.  Bike rides before work tues, wed, & thurs.  Everything else filled in nicely.  I didn't miss any workouts. They were not long, but I hit the entire schedule.  That's the point of a warmup week.  I've got 37 weeks left for the workouts to get long.  and they will.  But these 3 mile runs and 10 mile bike rides serve a purpose, and that is to get my body used to this schedule. 

There was some serious adjusting done this week.  The 6 am workouts, being tired and hungry all the time, and just constantly being sore all will take some getting used to.  I think the vegan plan is going to work nicely.  I did feel like I was able to recover faster and I certainly feel leaner than before.  This week goes in the win column for sure, but I really enjoyed the rest day on friday.  Glad I've got another warmup week before I start really building the base and these things start to get longer.

Speaking of the Cast Iron Club, my run miles seem to be lagging.  The goal is 30 ironman distances on the year, and so far I'm at 2.8 iron distances for swimming, 2.34 for biking, and only 1.78 for running.  That's a good start.  As the training plan progresses I'll be covering over an entire iron distance every week so I'm not sweating it too much.  Good to see progress though!

 I also find it ironic that this Ironman training plan started on groundhog's day.  Just like the movie, it is the same week over and over and over again.  Repetition makes an ironman strong.  but I still think irony is just a reaction to wrinkly.

The girls got a wonderful surprise in the mail from Grandma!  She made them nightgowns, and matching nightgowns for the American Girl dolls.  The only time Bigun has taken her gown off since it came in the mail friday afternoon was to shower.  Love is an understatement here. 

Saturday's brick was a 1 mile swim and 30 mile bike, but I actually had to do the bike first. There was a water aerobics class going on in the pool the first time I came in there.  Glad those ladies were getting some work done, but get outta my lane!  My time on the stationary bike had some special reading material.  Esquire, Swimmer, Runner's World, and Bicycling magazines.  When I realized the grouping, I realized how much I love narcicism.  Triathlon is a means to a tight little end.  and with reading material on swim bike run and style... well that grouping really stuck out.

Sunday I had a 12 mile easy ride on the stationary and a 6 mile run before church.  Did some core work too.  The cool thing was that I got it all done before church, then made it home for some breakfast, shower, dress and made it there on time.  I was sitting in the choir loft and I could actually feel the muscles in my legs repairing, or at least it felt like something was going on in there - and it didn't feel like the normal post-workout soreness either.  it was actually really cool.  All afternoon I had an unusual spring in my step, but I still didn't actually do very much.  it was still cool.

Most people don't understand that physical training is also life training.  The stronger you are, the better quality of life you will have.  It breeds confidence that spreads into every other aspect.  Enjoy it, and go do something strong today!

Today's MMNW is 179.8 lbs and 20.2% bodyfat.  And today is when Pitchers & Catchers report for baseball's spring training!  We've almost made it through the dark ages.  Hang in there!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- Even though I was active all "offseason" I was surprised how sore I was after week 1 of Ironman training, I am sure the body will get use to it. My plan has alot of strength training in Base 1 too, and lowers as the time goes on. Probably has something to do with it.
- Youtube has the 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Kona specials, the whole show, minus the commercials. I watch them on the trainer, passing it along if you need more material to get through the trainer.
- Hmmm, I might sign up for the Cast Iron Club, I think my training will get me there, the run might be the one that is on the border
- Who is your team?

Jess said...

If I'm made of adamantium, not iron, is there a training program out there for me?

Kidding, kidding...I'm really made out of Oreo.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congratulations on making on the days!

Cute nightgowns!

hebba said...

Nice! Keep it up.

Abby said...

Your training plan looks awesome, but also kind of intimidating for someone who is just thinking about tris.
Also, your girls are too cute.

Tea said...

So far so good. One day at a time. One step/stroke/stride at a time . :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice work! That is a strong week. I can't wait to see how this race turns out for you and hopefully I'll get to be there in person to see you finish!! :)

The girls are too cute. That is awesome that your mom made them nightgowns for them & their AG dolls! Too cute!

Hugh Jass said...

2nd to last paragraph. Awesome. I think I'll be quoting that.

I think it's hilarious that EG really does, in almost every photo, have a slightly evil look in her eye. "Yond Genius has a lean and hungry look. She thinks too much. Such a kid is dangerous."

Kate Edney said...

I only just found your blog...because you found mine!

Wow - you've had a serious lifestyle change. It's incredible to read about someone so passionate about their sport. You have so much training on, ad you can see just how much you love it and are committed to it.

And your girls are adorable!

And... love the new ink.