Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eat & Run

I just finished off reading Scott Jurek's book Eat & Run about being vegan and running ultramarathons.  It was, in a word, incredible.

Scott really puts himself out there in this book.  It's an autobiography in the truest sense of the word.  He covers a lot of family dynamics, dealing with disease and the loss of his mother, and the brutal Minnesota winters.  There's also a lot of upside and positive aspects about becoming vegan and how he made the connection between food, fuel, speed, and winning ultramarathons.

Scott Jurek was a runner and cross country skier in high school, then as an adult turned into an ultramarathon champion winning Western States 7 times after going totally vegan.  In the book he puts recipes and meal plans out there, including how he fuels up for long runs.  The stories he tells are incredible, inspiring, and truthful.  There are lots of high points and low points that he had to go through to become a true champion, and he gives up all the glorious details. 

Since I've been vegan this year I'm seeing considerably faster recovery times and he talks about that a lot in the book.  I was surprised how much I was able to relate to his story.  He gives a lot of detail about the conversion process into being vegan and how it affected his training. 

He also talks a lot about his involvement in Born to Run, which was quite enlightening.

I can't say how much I really enjoyed this book. Two thumbs up!  Get a copy if you haven't already read it!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have this book, after reading the first couple pages, scared me away from ever considering ultras with his body shutting down. I have book A.D.D., I never finished it, like 75% of the books I have. I think I am going to read it (all of it) now

Amber said...

This is definitely on my to read list before my 50 K in August! I'm sure it will be very inspiring when I'm in the middle of training!

Kenley said...

Thanks a lot for the review. I have been recently looking at food in a different way than before. Vegan? Don't know about that, but def making better choices for the most part. Maybe some day. Would love to read this book though.