Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally getting long

This was a good week.  All bike & run, still no swimming thanks to the new tat.  But that ends Saturday!!  Finally getting back in the pool with the RAM team again.  So that cut out my double days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  I still got on the bike for 100 miles, and ran 19 miles, an admirable volume for any week.  This is week 3 of training, and the first base week.  The big weeks in the build phase are going to be over 200 miles of riding, so this is a real foundation for volume.  My speeds were also really consistent, and I felt great the entire time.  2:31 running and 4:49 cycling for a total of 7 hours and 20 minutes of training.  Without swimming, that's pretty strong.

This past saturday was really nasty.  Cold, rainy, the kind of day when you just want to make another pot of coffee, get back into bed and watch movies with the kids all day.  So that's a good chunk of what happened.  Sunday I slept too late to get my workout done before church, so I took advantage of the sunshine and 63* temps of the afternoon.  The plan called for 10 miles, so I got out onto the streets of Raleigh and did my capital loop. First time I've had a double digit milage run since the ultra in December and it felt ah-may-zing!  The sunshine, and the sweat, and the cool breeze still blowing, it was just amazing the whole time.  I kept my heart rate in zone 2 and kept knocking down nice easy miles.  Sometimes it's really nice to run without the watch.  And I still finished under 1:20 for a sub-8 pace.

What else happened last week?  Not much.  It was calm.  normal.  cold.  still february.  I'm starting to get that itch for spring.  We've got a few new developers on my team at work.  Good guys, should make things really fun. 

I got Bigun pretty good today.  She was doing some homework while I was sending an email, and started pestering me about who I was writing to.  I finally told her it was my friend Nunya.

Nunya who, Daddy?

Nunya Bidness!  Do your homework. 

Needless to say, half an hour of giggling ensued with very little further homework.  Totally worth it to get the laugh though. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice week and volume!! Congrats on the double digit run.

This week is a recovery week for me, and I was getting tired at the end of Base1, so I guess I might of trained right this time around.

The email / homework joke made me giggle

Enjoy getting back in the pool this weekend

Kenley said...

I am very ready for spring as well. In fact more than itching. Screaming for it to come. Nice work on the week man. Cant wait to see where all of this takes you. Take care man.

hebba said...

Nice week! Building up.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That's some solid training! When you do your biking, do you ride on the street or in the gym? Is there a path nearby? I just got a (used) bike from my brother and I tested it out tonight for one mile. It was hard! I can't imagine riding 100 miles.

Colleen said...

Nunya... love it! :)

Great job with the base training - seems like it's been a good start for you!

And we are so ready for the warm weather too. Can't come soon enough (will I be biting my tongue in a few weeks when it's really hot and I'm super pregnant? Probably...)