Thursday, February 21, 2013

A day of eating

A good local training buddy asked me to post about a typical day's eats, and today was a typical day so I figured it's as good as any to sample.  He's been vegetarian for a few years now and wants to spot the differences in going vegan.  Today was a great vegan day and a fine day for ironman training, so it's a good slice of life.

5:50 AM: Up and at 'em.  Ate a banana before hitting the gym.  45 minutes on the stationary bike hill program, covered 15 miles in 44:54.  that's a touch slower than normal.

7 AM: I eat the same breakfast every day. 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water, microwave for 2 mins, top with a banana, rasins, and a spoonfull of chia seeds and flax seed.

8 AM: At work.  Today I was polishing a data transfer script like it was my knob.  It took all day, with other meetings and "work stuff" going on. I also make (and drink) an entire 12 cup pot of coffee every day.  I take it black, no cream or sugar.  Now that I have some teammates who drink coffee, they get a few cups in the morning and a few in the afternoon.  But I bet I still consume an entire pot by myself.  I used to drink 1 pot in the morning and 1 in the afternoon as well, but now I end up sharing.

11:30 AM: I brought my lunch today and ate at my desk while reading blogs.  I ended up with a bigger lunch than normal, I just went a little crazy this morning with the leftovers.  I made a burrito with some leftover black beans & rice, then added some leftover tofu crumble taco stuff that also had black beans in it.  Also threw some guacamole (homemade) and salsa (storebought) on there, with Texas Pete.  That's a massive burrito.

I also brought a pita and hummus (homemade), which is a current addiction.  It made a great side.  And I grabbed 2 desserts we had in the fridge, a raw vegan brownie and a raw vegan cinnamon roll.  The cool thing about raw vegan desserts is that they taste like dessert and are completely yummy, but still consist of healthy ingredients so they are totally guilt free.
The cinnamon rolls in question.  One with glaze and one without, just for effect. 

Typically I'll bring leftovers or a green smoothie into the office for lunch.  That means the dinners are really great.  Other lunch options include the cafeteria at the office (open for breakfast and lunch) or just whole fruit.  Throw 3 bananas and 3 apples in a bag and get out the door.  It's a very filling lunch.

5:15 PM: Back home after work and time to play with the kids for a bit. They eat dinner at 5:30, Kelley and I usually join them between 5:30 and 6.  Tonight's dinner was particularly spectacular.  It was some mashed sweet potatoes, sautee'd red cabbage, dressing, and another pita and hummus.  That's going to be some great leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

6:45 PM: choir practice at the church.  I sang my heart out, it was a really good time.

8:45 PM: Back home and the kids were still up.  I got to read a bedtime story.  Since I'm out of the pool until March 1 letting the tattoo heal up, I get to settle into the DVR.  Typically then I'd hit the treadmill for 5 miles in zone 2.  I think since I can't swim tomorrow night I'll just do the run then.  So wednesday is typically a bike morning and run evening workout day.  That has to be followed by a big snack.

10 PM: Snack time.  This used to be cereal in milk.  Sometimes, it still is.  Tonight it was just another cinnamon roll.  They are too good!  Other typical evening snacks include another pita with hummus, or an entire large bag of microwave popcorn.  Kelley really likes the popcorn too.

11 PM: Bedtime.  It should be earlier than that.  Typically my evening workout starts at either 6:45 (swim practice) or 8 pm when the kids go to bed.  Coming down from the workout high, and eating enough after the workout then catching some TV and/or QT with my lady will keep the evening crash until at least 11, typically. 
I thought this was hilarious.  Apparently, when I slept the night I got the new tat, I was still enough for the ink to transfer a pattern onto the sheets.  And yes those are fleece sheets with penguins on them.  They are comfortable enough for me to actually use fleece sheets with penguins on them.

So that's what a vegan athlete in the early stages of an Ironman training plan typically eats on a typical day.  Highlighted by a big-ass burrito. 

In other news, Bigun lost another tooth tonight! It's only her 3rd tooth to come out, and she pulled it herself.  We didn't get a toothless pic yet.  But the tooth fairy has to come tonight!  And tomorrow morning holds another bike ride.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I tried making raw vegan bownies and they were gross, but the recipe to your link is different, maybe I will give it another try.

I want a big burrito now

Jess said...

I'm sorry, but isn't this an oxymoron: "The cool thing about raw vegan desserts"?! :)

Hugh Jass said...

Those are some good eats. I do so well when I'm at home. Vegan is no big deal at all. But then the weekend rolls around and we're out and about, and then we get hungry, and then we wend up at one of the 10,000 Tex-mex joints around.

hebba said...

that's some good eating!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love burritos. Funny I was going to post a "day in the life" on Monday. Actually we eat a lot of the same stuff. I am not vegan but I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day as well -- with chia and flax and crasins/raisins and a banana. You are my oatmeal twin.

So.... you didn't mention the hearts. Flannel + penguins + hearts = VERY comfortable.

Alisa said...

Wow, that is a TON of food. I think my tummy would explode eating that much.

I have been enjoying the chia seeds and flax as well! Those are new additions to my diet, along with coconut oil.

Trimarni said...

Thanks for sharing your yummy eats!