Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowy Week 2

It could be called the week that wasn't, but warmup week 2, Ironman training week 2 is over and done with.  Life happened this week too.

Good thing I still got in that rest day on Friday.  Tuesday was supposed to be my last swim before the new tattoo on wednesday but we ended up having an Indian Princess meeting that was so much fun I didn't make it to the pool.  Wednesday I couldn't double down thanks to the tattoo.  And I was still pretty torn up on thursday morning so I missed that ride.  The weekend was still quite productive.  I did plenty of time on the bike trainer on Satuday and Sunday morning had a nice brick before church.  10 mile ride/8 mile run, and that's the longest run I've had in a long time. 

The Cast Iron Club is up to 2.8 Iron swims, 2.92 iron bikes, and 2.37 marathons.  Saturday officially started Base week 1, so now every week it gets a little bit longer and there are some rest weeks too of course.  Base building lasts for 22 weeks, so this is going to be a wild ride.

Saturday we got a ton of snow in Raleigh!  Fine, if you live north off the mason-dixon line you wouldn't think it's a lot of snow but it's the most we've gotten in years.  Years people!  The kids were actually able to make snowmen, even if they were mostly decorated with the leaves I haven't raked yet.

The backyard

and the front yard

snowman parts.  I'm already cold.

Starting to make a snowman

starting to build out the rest of the family

Bigun finished one!

Evil Genius has balls allright

EG finished her two

And these are bigun's snowmen
We used carrots for noses and dates for the eyes.  Absolutely adorable!  They had so much fun.  We got to skype with Mom some too, and Greenville got tons of snow as well.  Such a fun saturday!  I got some time on the bike trainer and plenty of time in the snow with the kiddos.

Sunday was great too.  Had the great brick, a decent church service, and got to take Evil Genius to the $2 theater to see Rise of the Guardians.  It was actually a great movie!  I really enjoyed it, and she absolutely loved it.  Great weekend after kind of a rough week.  Onward and upward!  Base building week 1 is here and now.  Plunge into the depths.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha ha - ok, I have to laugh that that is considered 'a ton' of snow, but I get that it is a lot for you guys. I am glad the girls had fun with it and made snowmen! I am so over snow these days, so that is one perk to moving to NC.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

HA!! I have to agree with Lisa on the ton of snow comment.

It is interesting to see what everyone else is doing training wise.

Jess said...

Snow in the south: Hell must've frozen over! Glad the girls had fun plaing in it!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hey what program is that? The one you have the screen shot of at the top? I like how it has the different activities all on the calendar together.