Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MMNW update

Yep, it's not exactly that extreme now, but I am glad to say that the 4 lbs I put on over the holidays is gone. Today's MMNW came in at 179 lbs and 19.7% body fat. But Brian with abs and nipples makes me laugh.

I am very pleased with this. Jan 12 and the holiday weight is gone? That is faster than I was expecting. It took a lot of discipline and a lot of recovery this week from the 50k.  Here's how the workouts went down:

Mon - rest & recovery from the 50k
Tues - 45 minutes on the bike. yes, I actually rode the bike! Easy spin to flush some lactic acid from the legs
Wed - Yoga
Thurs - abs & 7 mile run
Fri - total rest
Sat - 8.5 mile run
Sun - 80 minute hot yoga class at Firefly

Seriously, I'm addicted to hot yoga now. By Wednesday, my legs felt pretty cleared of all of the race funk and I was able to walk down stairs again. So the bad decision was to run a bit faster than I should for those 7 miles. This meant my hamstrings were really sore the next day (ok they are still sore). So when it came time to long run on Saturday, I took it really easy then ran out of time (ok and had to poop) after only 8.5 miles. But Sunday. Sunday I got to go to Hot Yoga. and it rocked. The top of my left foot was really hurting from that basketball thing which is why I only got on the mat once at home. In the hot room, the first child's pose really put the pressure on that same spot, but after that it has felt fine! so amazing. The teacher was kind of wild, the room was 105* (which I like) but she said she likes to keep it around 85*. Also she gave lots of instruction, which was nice, I got a lot of adjustments.

I knew in savasana that was going to be the warmest I got all day. It was so peaceful, so relaxing, so destressing just having all of the stresses melt away like that. Even in NC, it has been cold as balls here this week. Not much sunshine, lots of rain, even some thunder! And the wives tail is that winter thunder means snow is 10 days away. and we don't get real snow in NC, so that's pretty scary.

And now, some other seemingly random pictures from this week

She was embarrassed to be seen with my hair straight up like that. I think it's pimpin.

Las Juice! The juicer I got for Christmas has been a big part of losing this holiday weight.
I am absolutely loving the juicer! Staying hydrated and pumped full of vitamins and minerals really helps me feel good this flu season.


Abby said...

Congrats on losing the holiday weight. I have to stop eating holiday junk, I have not stopped yet which makes losing the weight tough.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Way to go on losing the holiday weight! That is awesome. I knew it'd come off fast once you got back into your normal eating routine.

I love going to yoga. The room is heated where I go but it's not quite hot yoga, but it's warm enough to get a good sweat on. It's nice to have corrections and on Sunday the instructor had a great way of explaining positions that really helped me improve my form. This is such a great time of year for hot yoga as it's nice to get out of the cold and get into a warm room! It's been stupid cold here lately - like -10 yesterday!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

way to go! I haven't weighed myself in a while cause I'm afraid! :-) Keep up the good work. Juicing for some reason upsets my stomach but I can blend for shakes.

Amber said...

I weighed in this morning and lost my 5 pounds of holiday weight too. Yay! Now to lose another 10 pounds and then maybe I can do some maintenance...

I'm so glad you love hot yoga so much!!